Which Highwoman is right for you?

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Which Highwoman is right for you?

Postby Blindlemon » Sun Jan 19, 2020 3:23 am

I have no idea who Marren Morris is. She has plumped up lips and wears hotpants too much. Too much meaning, she needs to take them off. I really like her in those hotpants. But I guarantee in the now-famous Break the Chain video, She reminds me of one of the Fembots- dissociated and dissatisfied. She's always grabbing her fake eyelashes the one what sticks to the bottom and her team can't figure that out and why? Jackass young woman feeling like she's propping up stuff. Seriously. A jackass young girl claiming she's "worked so hard".

Natalie Hemby is who I would like to befriend and possibly lay with, in the Christian sense of lay with- meaning I have zero desire to shove it in her ass like they do these days on regular pornos.

The leader one is out cause she's a giant lesbo. Love her too though.

The other one is Isbell's wife and while I would literally give my left nut to hear her say the same things as she said about him- "I thought he was cute and asked him to go swimmin"., Motherfucker of all motherfuckers that ain't happening, so... I'm left with Natalie Hemby.

And I love the pedal steel on her stuff. Still, though-

I think that- and this is a hard opinion-

This lineup that this exo-lesbo is putting us through is complete bullshit. She just didn't want anyone stronger than her.

If she were to really look at what she's trying to do with this "movement", It would be more along the lines of

Lucinda, Gillian, Her ass, and Amanda.

Can you imagine Lucinda on "The Chain".? With Amanda Shire's bleeding into that? That would be magic.

Who the fuck is the other gal anyway? She has a really flat stomach, a plump ass, fake lips and about 16 eyelashes that she can't keep from sticking together. That's just trashy and hardly indicative of any sort of "girl independence" movement.

All that said, I'd rather spend a winter night in a cabin with Natalie Hemby going down on Marren Morris. I wouldn't want to spoil further pulling it ambition by letting Amanda be in this dream just yet.

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