Replacements live at Maxwells 86

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Replacements live at Maxwells 86

Postby TANEYTOWN » Fri Oct 06, 2017 8:48 am

A decade ago this would be big news. Now it’s just me talking to myself.

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Re: Replacements live at Maxwells 86

Postby flippedcanvas » Wed Dec 20, 2017 10:09 pm

:idea: The only way is to find those obsessed heads like us in real life, but where are they!?
A sense of normality & average self is being pushed and it's making most of them folks believe that those days have gone forever!
You know what!? Perhaps the abovers suffer from ill fate symptoms of having compromised too many steps too far!
It's like being at work and accept all the rules and never challenge those who create them: well I always did, I'll always do & ultimately I always do it!
They say acceptance is a must well what about not acceptance!?
I'm like an indomitable horse who is tired of the rest of them horses running down the same path!
At times those horses need to be ignored why follow the crowd?! I'll always follow the very few the ones who can feel & see what I feel and see!
There's plenty of cyber traps nowadays but in real life, here's me: I choose real life to cyber traps!
P.S. Hopefully someone in real life shows an appreciation in the Maxwell live show in 86, maybe if they don't then start a radio show to educate the masses over The Replacements!
Violin Sky wrote:More like a multidimensional portrait of the creative self from different angle of your primal emotional abilities. :D Or Flash Gordon..

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