The Ghost Town Rebellion!

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The Ghost Town Rebellion!

Postby flippedcanvas » Wed Dec 20, 2017 8:44 am

8) Woo they're pretty great I must say, was lucky to sneak both their albums Urbs Indomita and Silver & Gold respectively last year and this year.
I haven't got a faintest clue how I found out last year about them but Urbs Indomita sat ova my smartphone unlistened for awhile then I re listened to it again a month ago and thought it spoke volumes!
Then I found out about Silver & Gold which is gonna be one of me faves this year!
Cutting the story short I got in touch with Shawn Peter TGTR bandleader & he sent me toll free both the albums, I'm beyond words.
Two highlights from both albums I'm on fire Springsteen's cover and Set The Sails.
It's kind of Americana plus plus plus, they about embrace rock in its full extent.
Enough said go and check them out folks!
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