Record Collection

Last Updated on August 26, 2022

I might have been 13 or 14 years old when I got my first turntable, a JIL Candle record player which was a Christmas gift. And with that first first turntable came my first album which would have been purchased in 1979.

That first album was Supertramp’s 1974’s Crime of the Century. I also bought Rod Stewart’s Greatest Hits, released in 1979.

My exposure to music came at a young age. I remember listening to my parent’s vinyl and singing along to Glen Campbell’s Gentle on My Mind and Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues.

I went thru a period of close to 20 years where I was without a turntable. When I moved to Germany in 2011 for one year, I sold some of my vinyl while living there. Upon returning to Canada in 2012 and settling on Vancouver instead of Toronto, I purchased a vintage PioneerPL-A45D turntable. Initially, I fell in love with a Thorens turntable, but at the time it was too expensive. I’m very happy with my turntable and my record collection which I have finally catalogued. I do need to go over my vinyl as I do believe that I’ve missed a few of the more recent purchases this past year.

By the way, that album that Charlie Brown is none other than one of my favourite Genesis albums, 1973’s Selling England by the Pound.