Out With The Old, In With The New

Morcheeba – Blackest Blue Tour
October 18, 2022, Commodore Ballroom
Vancouver, BC

Morcheeba put on a hypnotizing performance here in Vancouver, the last stop of their 16-date North American tour. Their 10th studio album, ‘Blackest Blue’ was released in May 2021.

Skye Edwards, born Shirley Klaris Yonavieve Edwards, began her career in 1994 when she and the Godfrey brothers (Paul, a DJ, and Ross, a multi-instrumentalist) formed the band Morcheeba, which released five albums with Skye as lead vocalist. She was ousted from the band in 2003 when Paul wanted to change direction.

After releasing two solo albums ‘Mind How You Go’ and ‘Keeping Secrets’, Skye agreed to return to Morcheeba in 2009. Paul then left in 2015 turning the band into a duo, first making an album in 2016 as Skye & Ross, then ‘Blaze Away’ (2018) as Morcheeba.

On tour, Morcheeba is Skye (vocals), Ross (guitar), Dom Pipkin (keys), Skye’s husband Steve Gordon (bass) and Skye’s eldest son Jaega Mckenna-Gordon (drums). In the studio it’s mostly just Skye and Ross – he plays guitar, lap steel, bass, keyboards, and percussion.

Ultimately, ‘Blackest Blue’ is about finding a way through the darkest of times and emerging on the other side changed but intact.

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The Sea
Never an Easy Way
Sounds of Blue
Part of the Process
Oh Oh Yeah
Trigger Hippie
Blood Like Lemonade
The Moon
Get Along
Let Me See
Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

Sweet L.A.
Don’t Let It Bring You Down (Neil Young cover)
Enjoy the Ride
Gimme Shelter (The Rolling Stones cover)
Blindfold (with David Bowie’s Let’s Dance)


Loviet is Nova Scotia-born, Toronto-based singer Natalie Lynn. Loviet and her band opened with a
30 minute, polished pop-leaning 7-song set.

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