Happy 11th Anniversary to Dave Alvin’s Eleven Eleven

Eleven Eleven is Dave Alvin’s eleventh solo album. It has eleven songs and it was released in 2011.

As Dave wrote in the liner notes in 2011, the songs were written looking out the window of a Ford van on interstate highways, on jets at 30,000 feet, on old trains crossing deserts and mountains and in a dimly lit, smokey room in California. The songs are about life, death, love, family, friendship, faith, doubt, labor, money, justice and survival. The usual stuff.

The 11th Anniversary Edition of Eleven Eleven, released on November 11th, features the original album plus three bonus tracks from the original Eleven Eleven recording session: “Beautiful City ‘Cross The River”, “Signal Hill”, “Never Trust a Woman” (Duet with Candye Kane)

“Beautiful City ‘Cross the River” was featured on FX’s hit television show “Justified”, an American neo-Western crime drama television series that ran for six seasons (2010-2015).



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