Larkin Poe Kicking The Blues Family Style

Larkin Poe – Blood Harmony 2023 North American Tour
Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, BC
February 3, 2023

Larkin Poe is an ancestor of Rebecca (aged 31) and Megan Lovell (aged 33) and relative of the famed author Edgar Allan Poe. The pair launched the band in 2010 after a few successful years as a bluesgrass group along with their elder sister, Jessica, and have developed their own distinctive sound, a unique, blues-based Americana rock, which draws deeply on the well of traditional blues but adds their own very modern, high- energy take, featuring gorgeous harmonies and exhilarating electric slide guitar.

Rebecca and Megan Lovell’s first performance was in 2004. The Lovell Sisters Band was an acoustic/Americana/bluegrass group comprised of three siblings, fiddle-player and vocalist Jessica Lovell, mandolin player and vocalist Rebecca Lovell and dobro player Megan Lovell.

In 2006, the Lovell Sisters played on the WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour program where they co-billed with the amazing singer-songwriter, Kelly Joe Phelps. Listening to and watching Kelly Joe for the very first time was really the moment in which it inspired Rebecca to start writing songs. “I’d written a little bit in the past, but watching Kelly Joe Phelps—he’s sitting there with his guitar, the saddest most genuinely heartbreaking person you’ve ever seen—and he looks at you, opens his mouth and pours out his soul. It’s like he’s not even singing; he’s having a conversation.”

Rebecca and Megan have a wonderful connection being sisters, complementing each other perfectly on stage and sharing the limelight equally.

Vista Kicks, a Los Angeles based indie rock outfit made up of Derek Thomas (Guitars, Vocals), Trevor Sutton (Bass), and Nolan Le Vine (Drums) were the opener. The childhood friends grew up together in the small Sacramento suburb of Roseville, California, where they were all neighbors. Vista Kicks were joined on stage by the Hail Maries (Victoria & Makayla Wymer) and together were a kickin’, stompin’ good time.



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Larkin Poe


Strike Gold
Kick The Blues
Summertime Sunset
Holy Ghost Fire
Preachin’ Blues (Son House cover)
She’s a Self Made Man
Back Down South
Mad As a Hatter
Bleach Blonde Bottle Blues
Bad Spell
Southern Comfort
Might As Well Be Me
Wanted Woman: AC/DC
Blue Ridge Mountains
Bolt Cutters & The Family Name

Deep Stays Down


Vista Kicks (with the Hail Maries)

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I Can’t Think Of Anybody But You
Rock & Roll
Through The Glass (Hail Maries song)
Great Big Lie
Mona Lisa
Gotta Get Away

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