Change In Seasons Is Marked By The Autumnal Equinox

John Craigie – KEEP IT WARM 2023

With Special Guest Bella White
Hollywood Theatre, Vancouver, BC
November 15, 2023


The arrival of the autumnal equinox is always the sign that John Craigie is not too far behind. Come November and December, it is time for another ‘Keep It Warm’ tour on the West Coast. Craigie has been keeping Vancouver warm since the inception of this Fall West Coast tour when he played The Imperial in 2018. In August of that year, Craigie announced his ‘Keep It Warm 2018’ Tour. Not only would he be playing all of his favourite cities on the West Coast but he would also bring some of his favourite musicians along for the ride.

What was so special about the initial Keep It Warm tour was that John Craigie partnered up with local & national nonprofits that help homeless communities. $1 from each ticket sold was donated and everyone was asked to bring gently used and new sleeping bags, jackets, blankets, hats, socks to the shows where they would be collected. All who donated received a free signed Craigie tour poster! There was also a special email list for those who donated items and random winners would be chosen in each city at the end of the tour and receive a special Craigie bundle of cuteness.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, John Craigie is a lifelong West Coaster and for the last nine years, a resident of Portland, Oregon. Inspired by his heroes of the likes of John Prine, Arlo Guthrie and Todd Snider, John Craigie weaves humourous storytelling between songs.

John Craigie’s ‘Keep It Warm’ touring band includes Niko Daoussis (electric guitar, mandolin), Laurie Shook (banjo, tambourines, shakers, backing vocals), and Aviva le Fey (bass, backing vocals).

After opening with Hustlin’, Craigie was at it with a story. Keep in mind that his stories are never repeated from one year to the next. “I was here last year but everyone was sitting down, which I feel a lot safer with, but it’s okay. I’m not too intimidated,” explained Craigie.

“I imagine tonight we will harness the energy of the fall, which is for me easier than the other energies. The fall tour is my favorite of the four tours because people are usually mellower in the fall and the hardest tour for me is the summer tour because people are like really excited and this doesn’t really work for me. I have been told that my music works best in a dark room full of sad people,” as the audience erupted in laughter. “I always appreciate when that’s the situation. Not that I want anything bad for you specifically,” Craigie continued.

For an hour and fifty minutes John Craigie kept it warm with the change in seasons: verse, chorus, bridge, and story.  The 2-song encore included “While I’m Down” (from new album ‘Pagan Church’ out in January 2024) and “I Am California” where Bella White was brought out to help with the last song.


John Craigie Setlist

Where It’s From
Don’t Ask
Talkin’ Leviticus Blues
Part Wolf
I Wrote Mr. Tambourine Man
Laurie Rolled Me a J
Dissect The Bird


While I’m Down (new song from ‘Pagan Church’)
I Am California


22-year-old singer/songwriter Bella White opened for John Craigie with an excellent 38-minute set. Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Isabel Farley White who grew up with bluegrass and country music has been living in Victoria, British Columbia the past two years.

‘Among Other Things’, released on April 21, 2023 was produced and mixed by Jonathan Wilson who also plays drums, percussion, resonator guitar, and electric guitar on her sophomore album. Four songs from the album were performed on this evening. Bella ended her excellent 38-minute set with a new untitled song, “I’ve got one more song for you. I’m going to play a brand new song. It’s new to you … it’s from April. And it still feels kind of new to me because I didn’t ever name it,” she explained.

What a voice. What a musical talent.


Bella White Setlist

Among Other Things
Flowers On My Bedside
Just Like Leaving
The Way I Oughta Go
New untitled song

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