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Total Albums: 2494 (1489 CDs, 1175 Vinyl)
.38 SpecialRock & Roll Strategy1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
.38 SpecialFlashback: The Best of .38 Special1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
10 ccGreatest Hits 1972-19781979Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
10,000 ManiacsIn My Tribe1987CD0NoEdit / Delete
3To the Power of Three1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
AC/DCBlow Up Your Video1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
AC/DCFor Those About To Rock We Salute You1981CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
AC/DCBack In Black1980CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
AC/DCHighway To Hell1979Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
AC/DCPowerage1978Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
AC/DCHigh Voltage1976Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Adams, BryanInto the Fire1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Adams, RyanBig Colors2021Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Adams, RyanWednesdays2021Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Adams, RyanPrisoner2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Adams, RyanSelf-Titled2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Adams, RyanAshes & Fire2011CD0NoEdit / Delete
Adams, RyanEasy Tiger2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Adams, Ryan292006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Adams, RyanLove Is Hell pt. 12003CD0NoEdit / Delete
Adams, RyanLove Is Hell pt. 22003CD0NoEdit / Delete
Adams, RyanRock N Roll2003CD0NoEdit / Delete
Adams, RyanDemolition2002CD0NoEdit / Delete
Adams, RyanGold 2001CD0NoEdit / Delete
Adams, RyanHeartbreaker 2000CD0NoEdit / Delete
Adams, Ryan & The CardinalsFollow The Lights2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Adams, Ryan & The CardinalsCold Roses2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Adams, Ryan & The CardinalsJacksonville City Nights2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
AerosmithPump1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
AerosmithPermanent Vacation1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
AerosmithGreatest Hits1980Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Afghan Whigs, TheGentlemen1993CD0NoEdit / Delete
Alabama ShakesSound & Color2015CD0NoEdit / Delete
Alabama ShakesBoys & Girls2012CD0NoEdit / Delete
Aldridge, HannahDream Of America2023Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Allman Brothers Band, TheWhere It All Begins1994CD0NoEdit / Delete
Allman Brothers Band, TheShades Of Two Worlds1991CD0NoEdit / Delete
Allman, DevonRagged & Dirty2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Allman, DevonTurquoise2013CD0NoEdit / Delete
Allman, GregSouthern Blood2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Allman, GregLow Country Blues2011CD0NoEdit / Delete
Alpert, HerbKeep Your Eye on Me1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Alvin, DaveFrom an Old Guitar: Rare and Unreleased Recordings2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Alvin, DaveEleven Eleven2011CD0NoEdit / Delete
Alvin, DaveLive from Austin, Tx2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Alvin, DaveWest Of The West2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Alvin, DaveAshgrove2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Alvin, DavePublic Domain: Songs from the Wild Land2000CD0NoEdit / Delete
Alvin, DaveBlackjack David1998CD0NoEdit / Delete
Alvin, DaveKing of California1994CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Alvin, Dave and Jimmie Dale GilmoreDowney To Lubbock2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Alvin, Dave and PhilHard Travelin'2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Alvin, Dave and PhilCommon Ground - Play and Sing The Songs of Big Bill Broonzy2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Alvin, Dave and The Guilty WomenSelf-Titled2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
Amber DustMay These Images Die with Dignity2010CD0NoEdit / Delete
American AquariumLamentations2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Americans, TheI'll Be Yours2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Andersen, MattWeightless2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Anderson Bruford Wakeman HoweAnderson Bruford Wakeman Howe1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Anderson, IanThick As A Brick 22012CD0NoEdit / Delete
Anderson, Jon3 Ships1985Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Anderson, JonOlias of Sunhillow1976Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Anderson, KaseyNowhere Nights2009CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Anderson, KaseyThe Reckoning2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Anderson, KaseyDead Roses2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Anderson, Kasey and The HonkiesHeart Of A Dog2011CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Andrews, Courtney MarieHonest Life2016CD0YesEdit / Delete
Andrews, Troy "Trombone Shorty"Parking Lot Symphony2017Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Animals, TheBest of the Animals1966Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Anna, Star & The Laughing DogsThe Only Thing That Matters2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
April WineThe Nature Of The Beast1981Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
April WineHarder1980Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
April WineFirst Glance1979Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
April WineThe Whole World's Going Crazy (Clear Green vinyl)1976Vinyl60NoEdit / Delete
Arthur BuckSelf-Titled2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Arthur, JosephThe Family2016CD0YesEdit / Delete
Arthur, JosephDays of Surrender2015Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Arthur, JosephThe Ballad of Boogie Christ, Acts 1 & 22013CD/Vinyl0/0Yes/NoEdit / Delete
Arthur, JosephOur Shadows Will Remain2004CD0YesEdit / Delete
Arthur, JosephRedemption's Son2002Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
AsiaAsia1982Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Atkins, Chet / Mark KnopflerNeck and Neck1990CD0NoEdit / Delete
Avett Brothers, TheI and Love and You2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
B-52's, TheSelf Titled1979CD0NoEdit / Delete
Bachman-Turner OverdriveLive!-Live!-Live!1986Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Bad CompanyDangerous Age1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Baker, SamPretty World2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Baker, SamMercy2004CD0YesEdit / Delete
Band of HorsesWhy Are You OK2016Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Band of HorsesInfinite Arms2010CD0NoEdit / Delete
Band, TheThe Last Waltz1978Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Band, TheThe Best of the Band1976Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Band, TheThe Band1969Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Band, TheMusic From The Big Pink1968Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
BanditosSelf Titled2015CD0NoEdit / Delete
Barber, JillOh Heart2007CD0YesEdit / Delete
Bardash, Lou AnnAt The Vortex1997CD0NoEdit / Delete
Bare, BobbyThe Moon Was Blue2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Bare, Bobby Jr.Young Criminals' Starvation League2014CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Bare, Bobby Jr.A Storm, A Tree, My Mother's Head2010CD0NoEdit / Delete
Bare, Bobby Jr.The Longest Meow2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Barnett, CourtneySometimes I Sit and Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit2015CD0NoEdit / Delete
Barr Brothers, TheQueens of The Breakers2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Barr Brothers, TheSleeping Operator2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Barr Brothers, TheSelf Titled2011CD0NoEdit / Delete
Baxter, RaylandIf I Were A Butterfly (Limited Edition Pink Vinyl))2022Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Baxter, RaylandImaginary Man2015CD0NoEdit / Delete
Baxter, RaylandFeathers & FishHooks2012CD0NoEdit / Delete
Be Good Tanyas, TheHello Love2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Be Good Tanyas, TheBlue Horse2001CD0YesEdit / Delete
Beach Boys, ThePet Sounds (Complete Album in Stereo & Mono)2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Beach Boys, TheHolland1973Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Beans on ToastSurvival of the Friendliest2021Vinyl40NoEdit / Delete
Beatles, TheAbbey Road (3LP Anniversary Edition)2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Beatles, TheAnthology 11995CD0NoEdit / Delete
Beatles, TheLive at the BBC1994CD0NoEdit / Delete
Beatles, TheThe Beatles Collection (boxed set)1978Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Beatles, TheLet It Be1970Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Beatles, TheAbbey Road1969Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Beatles, TheWhite Album1968CD0NoEdit / Delete
Beatles, TheMagical Mystery Tour1967Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Beatles, TheSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band1967CD0NoEdit / Delete
Beatles, TheRevolver1966CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Beatles, TheRubber Soul1965CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Beatles, TheThe Beatles' Second Album1964Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Beauties, TheSelf Titled2010CD0NoEdit / Delete
Beauties, TheDie Die Die2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Beck, JeffLoud Hailer2016CD0NoEdit / Delete
Beck, JeffYou Had It Coming2001CD0NoEdit / Delete
Beck, JeffJeff Beck's Guitar Shop1989CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Beck, JeffWired1976Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Beck, JeffBlow by Blow (Orange vinyl)1975Vinyl65NoEdit / Delete
Beck, JeffTruth1968Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Beckman, ThadStreets of Disaster2015CD0YesEdit / Delete
Beckman, ThadBlues Gone By2006CD0YesEdit / Delete
Belle & SebastianThe Boy With The Arab Strap1998CD0NoEdit / Delete
BellwetherSeven and Six2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Benoit, TabThese Blues Are All Mine1999CD0NoEdit / Delete
Bentall Outfit, The DustinSelf Titled2009CD0YesEdit / Delete
Bentall, Dustin & The SmokesYou Are An Island2013CD0YesEdit / Delete
Bern, DanNew American Language2001CD0NoEdit / Delete
Bern, DanFifty Eggs1998CD0NoEdit / Delete
Bern, DanSelf Titled1997CD0NoEdit / Delete
Berry, ChuckChuck Berry Is On Top1959Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Bibb, EricRidin'2023Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Big Back FortyBested1997CD0NoEdit / Delete
Big Brother & The Holding CompanyCheap Thrills1968Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Big Head Todd and The MonstersCrimes of Passion2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Big Head Todd and The MonstersSister Sweetly1993CD0NoEdit / Delete
Bird, AndrewInside Problems2022Vinyl32NoEdit / Delete
Bird, AndrewMy Finest Work Yet2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Birds Of ChicagoLove In Wartime2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Birds Of ChicagoReal Midnight2016CD0YesEdit / Delete
Birds Of ChicagoLive From Space2013CD0YesEdit / Delete
Bishop, BonnieThe Walk2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Black Crowes, TheHappiness Bastards2024Vinyl55NoEdit / Delete
Black Crowes, TheThe Southern Harmony and Musical Companion1992CD0NoEdit / Delete
Black Crowes, TheShake Your Money Maker1990CD0NoEdit / Delete
Black Keys, TheDelta Kream2021Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Blackie and The Rodeo KingsO Glory2022CD25NoEdit / Delete
Blackie and The Rodeo KingsKing of This Town2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Blackie and The Rodeo KingsKings and Kings2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Blackie and The Rodeo KingsSouth2014CD0YesEdit / Delete
Blackie and The Rodeo KingsKing and Queens2011CD0YesEdit / Delete
Blackie and The Rodeo KingsLet's Frolic Again2007CD0YesEdit / Delete
Blackie and The Rodeo KingsLet's Frolic2006CD0YesEdit / Delete
Blackie and The Rodeo KingsBARK2004CD0YesEdit / Delete
Blackie and The Rodeo KingsKings of Love1999CD0YesEdit / Delete
Blackie and The Rodeo KingsHigh or Hurtin': The Songs of Willie P. Bennett1996CD0YesEdit / Delete
Blasters, TheTestament: The Complete Slash Recordings2002CD0NoEdit / Delete
Blasters, TheTrouble Bound2002CD0YesEdit / Delete
Blasters, TheHard Line1985Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Blind FaithBlind Faith1969Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Block, RoryFrom The Dust2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Blodwyn PigAhead Rings Out1969Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Bloodshot BillCome Get Your Love Right Now2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Blue PeterTest Patterns for Living1979Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Blue RodeoMany a Mile2021CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Blue Rodeo1000 Arms2016CD0NoEdit / Delete
Blue RodeoIn Our Nature2013CD0NoEdit / Delete
Blue RodeoThe Things We Left Behind2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
Blue RodeoBlue Road2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Blue RodeoTremolo1997CD0YesEdit / Delete
Blue RodeoNowhere To Here1995CD0YesEdit / Delete
Blue RodeoFive Days in July1994CD0YesEdit / Delete
Blue RodeoDiamond Mine1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Blue RodeoOutskirts1987CD/Vinyl0/0Yes/NoEdit / Delete
Blues TravelerTraveler's Blues2021Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Blues TravelerSave His Soul1993CD0NoEdit / Delete
Bluhm, TimCalifornia Way2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
BoDeansLove & Hope & Sex & Dreams1986Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
BolgerThe Moss House1995CD50YesEdit / Delete
Bolger, Paul J.Beware of Trains2023CD50YesEdit / Delete
Bolger, Paul J.Hard Truth2022CD/Vinyl0/0Yes/YesEdit / Delete
Bolger, Paul J.PJB2020CD/Vinyl0/0Yes/YesEdit / Delete
Bolger, Paul J.The Start of It2018CD0YesEdit / Delete
Bon IverSelf Titled2011CD0NoEdit / Delete
Bon IverFor Emma, Forever Ago2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
BoomersArt of Living1994CD0NoEdit / Delete
Boomers YYZ, TheWhat We Do1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
Boomtown Rats, TheCitizens of Boomtown2020CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Boomtown Rats, TheThe Fine Art of Surfacing1979Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Boomtown Rats, TheA Tonic For The Troops1978Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Boomtown Rats, TheSelf-titled1977Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Borges, SarahTogether Alone2022CD/Vinyl40/70Yes/NoEdit / Delete
BostonThird Stage1986Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
BostonDon't look Back1978Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Bottle Rockets, TheBit Logic2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Bottle Rockets, TheZoysia2006CD0YesEdit / Delete
Bourgeois TaggYoyo1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Bowie, DavidThe Next Day2013CD0NoEdit / Delete
Bowie, DavidNever Let Me Down1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Bowie, DavidChangestwobowie1981Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Bowie, DavidChangesonebowie1976Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Bowie, DavidZiggy Stardust1972Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Bowness, TimLost In The Ghost Light2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Box Of FrogsBox Of Frogs1984Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Bradshaw, PonyNorth Georgia Rounder2023Vinyl40NoEdit / Delete
Brady, PaulTrick or Treat1991CD0NoEdit / Delete
Brady, PaulHard Station1981Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Brady, Paul and Andy IrvineAndy Irvine and Paul Brady1976Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Bragg, BillyThe Million Things That Never Happened2021CD/Vinyl0/40Yes/YesEdit / Delete
Bragg, BillySpecial Deluxe Edition2013CD0NoEdit / Delete
Bragg, BillyLife's a Riot with Spy vs Spy (30th Anniversary Edition)1983CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Bragg, Billy & Joe HenryShine a Light: Field Recordings from the Great American Railroad2016CD0NoEdit / Delete
Bragg, Billy & WilcoMermaid Avenue2012CD0NoEdit / Delete
Branan, CoryThe Hell You Say2002CD0NoEdit / Delete
Brassens,Georges (FRENCH)Aux Trois Baudets1953Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Brel, Jacques (FRENCH)Ne Me Quitte Pas (2 LP)2014Vinyl70NoEdit / Delete
Bridgers, PhoebeStranger in the Alps2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Briggs, AnneThe Time Has Come1971Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Bright EyesLifted2002CD0NoEdit / Delete
Bromberg, David BandBig Road2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Brown, GregHymns to What Is Left2012CD0YesEdit / Delete
Brown, GregFreak Flag2011CD0YesEdit / Delete
Brown, GregIf I HadKnown - Essential Recordings, 1980 - 19962003CD0NoEdit / Delete
Brown, GregMilk of the Moon (2)2002CD0YesEdit / Delete
Brown, GregOver and Under (2)2001CD0NoEdit / Delete
Brown, GregSlant 6 Mind1997CD0NoEdit / Delete
Brown, JuniorGuit with It1993Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Brown, PietaParadise Outlaw2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Brown, PietaSelf-Titled2002CD0NoEdit / Delete
Browne, JacksonStanding In The Breach2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Browne, JacksonSolo Acoustic, Vol. 12005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Browne, JacksonThe Next Voice You Hear: The Best Of1997CD0NoEdit / Delete
Browne, JacksonRunning On Empty1977CD0NoEdit / Delete
Browne, JacksonThe Pretender1976Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Browne, JacksonLate for the Sky1974Vinyl45NoEdit / Delete
Browne, JacksonFor Everyman1973CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Browne, JacksonSelf-Titled1972CD0NoEdit / Delete
Bruford, BillMaster Strokes: 1978-19851986Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Bruntnell, PeterJourney To The Sun2021CD0YesEdit / Delete
Bruntnell, PeterNormal For Bridgwater2000Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Bruton, StephenFrom The Five2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Bryson, JimSomewhere We Will Find Our Place2016Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Bryson, Jim & The WeakerthansThe Falcon Lake Incident2010CD0NoEdit / Delete
Buckingham NicksSelf Titled1973Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Buckingham, LindseySelf Titled2021Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Buckingham, LindseySeeds We Sow2011CD0NoEdit / Delete
Buckingham, LindseyGift Of Screws2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Buckingham, LindseyLive At The Bass Performance Hall2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Buckingham, LindseyUnder The Skin2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Buckingham, LindseyOut Of The Craddle1992CD0NoEdit / Delete
Buckingham, LindseyLaw and Order1981Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Buckingham, Lindsey / Christine McVieSelf Titled2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Buckley, JeffGrace1994CD0NoEdit / Delete
Buckner, RichardMeadow2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Buckner, RichardDents and Shells2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Buffalo SpringfieldRetrospective: The Best Of Buffalo Springfield1969CD0NoEdit / Delete
Buffett, JimmySon of a Son of a Sailor1978CD0NoEdit / Delete
Buffett, JimmyChanges In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes1977CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Buffett, JimmyLiving and Dying in 3/4 Time1974CD0NoEdit / Delete
Buick 6Self-Titled2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Burnett, T BoneThe True False Identity2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Burnette, BillyGimme You1981Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Burton, SpencerSongs Of2017Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Burton, SpencerDon't Let the World See Your Love2014Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Bush, KateThe Sensual World1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Butterfield, PaulPaul Butterfield's Better Days1973Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Buttler, JerryThe Ice Man Cometh1968Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Butts, KaitlinWhat Else Can She Do2022Vinyl0YesEdit / Delete
Byrds, TheThe Best of the Byrds: Greatest Hits, Vol. 21972Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
CaampLavender Days (purple variant vinyl)2022CD/Vinyl30/70No/NoEdit / Delete
Cactus Blossoms, TheEasy Way2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Cale, JJStay Around2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Cale, JJRoll On2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cale, JJTo Tulsa and Back2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cale, JJCloser To You (ticket)1994CD0YesEdit / Delete
Cale, JJTravel-Log1990CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cale, JJOkie1974CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cale, JJNaturally1971Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
CalexicoEl Mirador2022Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
CalexicoThe Thread That Keeps Us2018CD0YesEdit / Delete
CalexicoEdge of the Sun2015CD0NoEdit / Delete
CalexicoAlgiers2012CD0NoEdit / Delete
CalexicoCarried To Dust2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
CalexicoLive at the Mod Club, Toronto, Ontario, July 6, 20082008CD0NoEdit / Delete
CalexicoTool Box2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
CalexicoGarden Ruin2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
CalexicoConvict Pool2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
CalexicoAerocalexico2001CD0NoEdit / Delete
Calexico, Iron & WineYears to Burn2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Calexico, Iron & WineIn The Reins (EP)2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
CalexixoThe Thread That Keeps Us2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
CalexixoFeast Of Wire2003CD0YesEdit / Delete
CalexixoThe Black Light1998CD0YesEdit / Delete
CalifoneSometimes Good Weather Follows Bad People2002CD0NoEdit / Delete
California, RandyKapt. Kopter & His Fabulous Twirlybirds1972CD0NoEdit / Delete
Campbell, GlenGhost on the Canvas2011Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Campbell, GlenWichita Lineman1968Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Campbell, GlenBy the Time I Get to Phoenix1967Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Campbell, GlenGentle On My Mind1967Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Campbell, Mike & the Dirty KnobsExternal Combustion2022Vinyl60YesEdit / Delete
CanoTous dans L'Meme Bateau2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Capaldi, JimShort Cut Draw Blood1975Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Captain Beefheart & His Magic BandTrout Mask Replica1969Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Carll, HayesWhat It Is2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Carll, HayesLovers And Leavers2016Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Carll, HayesTrouble In Mind2008CD0YesEdit / Delete
Carll, HayesLittle Rock2005CD0YesEdit / Delete
Carll, HayesFlowers and Liquor2002CD0YesEdit / Delete
Carrack, PaulEyes of Blue1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
Carrack, PaulOne Good Reason1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Cars, TheDoor to Door1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Cars, TheHeartbeat City1984CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cars, TheSelf-Titled1978Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Carter, CarleneCarter Girl2014CD0YesEdit / Delete
Cary, Caitlin, & Thad CockrellBegonias2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Casal, NeilLive in Frankfurt, Germany, May 7, 20002000CD0NoEdit / Delete
Casal, NeilThe Sun Rises Here1997CD0NoEdit / Delete
Case, NekoMiddle Cyclone2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
Case, NekoFox Confessor Brings The Flood2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Case, PeterWig!2010CD0NoEdit / Delete
Case, PeterLet Us Now Praise Sleepy John2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Case, PeterThank You St. Jude2001CD0YesEdit / Delete
Case, PeterFlying Saucer Blues2000CD0NoEdit / Delete
Case, PeterFull Service, No Waiting1998CD0NoEdit / Delete
Case, PeterTorn Again1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
Case, PeterSix-Pack of Love1992CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cash Brothers, TheA Brand New Night2003CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cash Brothers, TheHow Was Tomorrow?2001CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cash Brothers, TheRaceway1999CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cash, JohnnyUnearthed2003CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cash, JohnnyAmerican IV: The Man Comes Around2002CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cash, JohnnyJohnny Cash at San Quentin1969CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cash, JohnnyAt Folsom Prison1968CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cash, JohnnySings The Songs That Made Him Famous1958CD/Vinyl25/50No/NoEdit / Delete
Cash, RosanneRules of Travel2003CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cash, RosanneThe Wheel (30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)1993Vinyl80YesEdit / Delete
Cash, RosanneSeven Year Ache1981Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Cash, Sam & The Romantic DogsTongue-In-Cheek Vows2016CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cat ClydeDown Rounder2023Vinyl35NoEdit / Delete
Cat PowerThe Greatest2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cauthen, PaulCountry Coming Down2022Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Centro-maticOperation Motorcide2007CD0YesEdit / Delete
Centro-maticFort Recovery2006CD0YesEdit / Delete
Centro-maticLove You Just The Same2003CD0YesEdit / Delete
Chadbourne, Eugene, with Duck Baker and Randy HuttonThe Guitar Trio in Calgary 19772019CD0NoEdit / Delete
Chambers, KaseyDragonfly2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Chambers, KaseyLittle Bird2010CD0NoEdit / Delete
Chambers, KaseyWayward Angel2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Chambers, KaseyBarricades & Brickwalls2001CD0NoEdit / Delete
Chambers, KaseyThe Captain2000CD0NoEdit / Delete
Chambers, Kasey & Shane NicholsonRattlin' Bones2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Chapin, HenryLiving Room Suite1978Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Charlotte Park RangersSelf Titled2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cheap TrickWe're All Alright!2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cheap TrickBang, Zoom, Crazy... Hello2016CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cheap TrickLap of Luxury1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Cheap TrickAt Budokan1979Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Chesnutt, VicGhetto Bells2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Chesnutt, VicSilver Lake2003CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Chesnutt, VicDrunk1993Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Chesnutt, VicWest of Rome1991Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Chesnutt, VicLittle1990Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Chris de BurghInto The Light1986Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Chris de BurghSpanish Train & Other Stories1976Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Civil Wars, TheSelf Titled2013CD0NoEdit / Delete
Clapton, EricHappy Xmas2018CD0NoEdit / Delete
Clapton, EricSlowhand: 35th Anniversary Deluxe Edition2012CD0NoEdit / Delete
Clapton, EricPilgrim1998CD0NoEdit / Delete
Clapton, EricFrom The Craddle1994CD0NoEdit / Delete
Clapton, EricMTV Unplugged1992CD0NoEdit / Delete
Clapton, EricJourneyman1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Clapton, EricCrossroads (box set)1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Clapton, EricThe Cream of Eric Clapton1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Clapton, EricAugust1986Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Clapton, EricSlowhand1977CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Clapton, EricNo Reason to Cry1976Vinyl40NoEdit / Delete
Clapton, Eric461 Ocean Boulevard1974CD0NoEdit / Delete
Clapton, Eric & B.B. KingRiding With The King2000Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Clapton, Eric & FriendsThe Breeze: An Appreciation of JJ Cale2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Clark, GuyThe Dark2002CD0YesEdit / Delete
Clash, TheLondon Calling: 25th Anniversary Legacy Edition2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Clash, TheSandinista!1980Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Clash, TheLondon Calling1979Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Clay, GeorgeCherry Bank Hotel2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Clay, GeorgeSelf Titled2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cleaves, SlaidGhost On The Car Radio2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cleaves, SlaidUnsung2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cleaves, SlaidWishbones2004CD0YesEdit / Delete
Cleaves, SlaidBroke Down2000CD0YesEdit / Delete
Cloher, JenSelf Titled2017Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Cochrane, TomThe Symphony Sessions1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Cochrane, TomVictory Day1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Cockburn, BruceO Sun O Moon2023CD22NoEdit / Delete
Cockburn, BruceTrue North - A 50th Anniversary Box Set2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Cockburn, BruceSmall Source of Comfort2011CD0YesEdit / Delete
Cockburn, BruceSpeechless2005CD0YesEdit / Delete
Cockburn, BruceAnything Anytime Anywhere: Singles 1979-20022002CD0YesEdit / Delete
Cockburn, BruceBreakfast in New Orleans Dinner in Timbuktu1999CD0YesEdit / Delete
Cockburn, BruceStealing Fire1984Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Cockburn, BruceInner City Front1981Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Cockburn, BruceIn The Falling Dark1976Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Cockburn, BruceNight Vision1973CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cohen, LeonardYou Want It Darker2016CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cohen, LeonardTen New Songs2001Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Cohen, LeonardCohen Live1994CD0NoEdit / Delete
Col. Bruce Hampton & the Aquarium Rescue UnitSelf Titled1991CD0NoEdit / Delete
Collins, AlbertCollins Mix (The Best Of)1993CD0NoEdit / Delete
Collins, AlbertCold Snap1986Vinyl55NoEdit / Delete
Collins, AlbertIce Pickin'1978Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Collins, JudyWho Knows Where The Time Goes1968Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Collins, Phil...But Seriously1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Coltrane, JohnUltimate Blue Train1997CD0NoEdit / Delete
Coltrane, JohnColtrane's Sound (Limited Numbered Edition of 5,000)1964Vinyl75NoEdit / Delete
Coltrane, JohnBlue Train1958Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Combs, AndrewCanyons of my Mind2017CD0YesEdit / Delete
Combs, AndrewAll These Dreams2015CD0YesEdit / Delete
Combs, AndrewWorried Man2012CD0YesEdit / Delete
Continental DriftersSelf Titled1994CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cooder, RyThe Prodigal Son2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Cooder, RyPull Up Some Dust and Sit down2011CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cooder, RyI, Flathead: The Songs of Kash Buk and the Klowns (Book + CD)2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cooder, RyCrossroads Soundtrack1986CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cooder, RyChicken Skin Music1976Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Cooder, RyParadise and Lunch1974Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Cooke, SamLive at The Harlem Square Club1985Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Cooke, SamNight Beat1963Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Cooper, AliceRoad (Limited 2LP Gatefold, Red Marbled + DVD)2023Vinyl75NoEdit / Delete
Corea, Chick & Bela FleckTwo2015CD0NoEdit / Delete
Corley, DavidAvailable Light2016Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Corporal QuorumSelf-titled2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Corrs, TheTalk On Corners1998CD0NoEdit / Delete
Costello, ElvisSpike1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Costello, Elvis & The ImpostersThe Delivery Man2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cotton, JamesMighty Long Time1991Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Cotton, JamesHigh Compression1984Vinyl55NoEdit / Delete
Cougar, JohnAmerican Fool1982Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Counting CrowsSomewhere Under Wonderland2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Counting CrowsRecovering The Satellites1996CD0NoEdit / Delete
Counting CrowsAugust and Everything After1993CD0NoEdit / Delete
Court & Spark, TheHearts2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Court & Spark, TheWitch Season2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cousin HarleyLet's Go!2020CD0YesEdit / Delete
Cowboy JunkiesSongs of the Recollection2022Vinyl60NoEdit / Delete
Cowboy JunkiesAll That Reckonning2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Cowboy JunkiesThe Kennedy Suite2013CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cowboy JunkiesLive at the Courthouse2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cowboy JunkiesTrinity Revisited2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cowboy JunkiesOne Soul Now2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cowboy JunkiesOpen2001CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cowboy JunkiesMiles From Our Home1998CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cowboy JunkiesLay It Down1996CD/Vinyl0/50No/NoEdit / Delete
Cowboy JunkiesStudio: Selected Studio Recordings 1986 - 19951996CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cowboy Junkies200 More Miles: Live Performances 1985 - 19941995CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cowboy JunkiesPale Moon, Crescent Moon1993CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cowboy JunkiesThe Caution Horses1990CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cowboy JunkiesThe Trinity Session1988CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cowboy JunkiesThe Trinity Sessions1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
CrackerKerosene Hat1993CD0NoEdit / Delete
Craigie, JohnSgt. Pepper's Lonely2023Vinyl100NoEdit / Delete
Craigie, JohnMermaid Salt2022Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Craigie, JohnAsterisk The Universe2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Craigie, JohnNo Rain, No Rose2017Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Craigie, JohnOctober Is The Kindest Month2011Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Craigie, JohnMontana Tale2009Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Cray, RobertShoulda Been Home2001CD0NoEdit / Delete
Crazy HorseSelf-titled1971Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Creedence Clearwater RevivalChronicle, Vol. 11976Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Creedence Clearwater RevivalCosmo's Factory1970CD0NoEdit / Delete
Creedence Clearwater RevivalWilly and the Poor Boys1969Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Crighton, WilliamWater and Dust 2022CD0NoEdit / Delete
Crighton, WilliamSelf Titled2016CD0YesEdit / Delete
Crosby, DavidIf I Could Only Remember My Name1971CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungSo Far1974Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungDeja1970Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Crowded HouseSelf-Titled1986Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Crowell, RodneyThe Chicago Sessions (coloured vinyl)2023CD/Vinyl50/75Yes/YesEdit / Delete
Crowell, RodneyTriage2021Vinyl0YesEdit / Delete
Crowell, RodneyTexas Flood2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Crowell, RodneyClose Ties2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Crowell, RodneyTarpaper Sky2014Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Crowell, RodneySex & Gasoline2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Crowell, RodneyThe Outsider2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Crowell, RodneyFate's Right Hand2003CD0YesEdit / Delete
Crowell, RodneyThe Houston Kid2001CD0NoEdit / Delete
Cuddy Band, Jim The Countrywide Soul2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Cullen, HeathSpringtime In The Heart2020Vinyl0YesEdit / Delete
Culwell, RyanRun Like A Bull2022Vinyl45NoEdit / Delete
Curfman, ShannonLoud Guitars, Big Suspicions1999CD0NoEdit / Delete
D-Napoleon, NatalieLeaving Me Dry2012CD0YesEdit / Delete
D-Napoleon, NatalieHere In California (EP)2009CD0YesEdit / Delete
Daltrey, RogerCan't Wait to See the Movie1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Daltrey, RogerUnder A Raging Moon1985CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Daniel, JesseSelf-titled2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
DarlingsideExtralife2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Dassin, Joe (FRENCH)Les Deux Mondes De Joe Dassin1967Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Davidson, DelaneyLucky Guy2015Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Davies, RayAmericana2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
DawesNothing Is Wrong2011CD0NoEdit / Delete
DawesNorth Hills2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
Dawson, SteveGone, Long Gone2022Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Day, HowieStop All The World Now2003CD0NoEdit / Delete
Dayton, JesseBeaumonster2021Vinyl40NoEdit / Delete
Dayton, JesseThe Outsider2018CD0NoEdit / Delete
Dayton, JesseThe Revealer2016CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Dead Reckoners, TheA Night Of Reckoning1997CD0NoEdit / Delete
Decemberists, TheThe King Is Dead2011CD0NoEdit / Delete
Decemberists, TheThe Tain2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Deep Dark Woods, TheJubilee2013CD0NoEdit / Delete
Deep Dark Woods, TheThe Place I Left Behind2011CD0NoEdit / Delete
Deep Dark Woods, TheWinter Hours2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
Deep PurpleThe House of Blue Light1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Deep PurpleMachine Head1972Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Deer TickEmotional Contracts2023Vinyl35NoEdit / Delete
Def LeppardHysteria1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Def LeppardHigh 'n' Dry1981Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Def LeppardOn Through The Night1980Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Del AmitriFatal Mistakes2021Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Delines, TheThe Sea Drift2022CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
DeMent, IrisWorkin' On a World2023CD35NoEdit / Delete
Dennen, BrettHope For The Hopeless2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
DenverRowdy Love2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Deslondes, TheHurry Home2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Deslondes, TheSelf-Titled2015CD0NoEdit / Delete
Devil Makes Three, TheI'm a Stranger Here2013CD0NoEdit / Delete
Devil Makes Three, TheSelf Titled2002CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
DevoFreedom of Choice1980Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
DevoDuty Now for the Future1979Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
DevoQ: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!1978Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
DevotchkaHow It Ends2004CD0YesEdit / Delete
Di Meola, AlLand Of The Midnight Sun1976Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Dinosaur Jr.Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not2016Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
DionStomping Ground2021Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
DionBlues With Friends2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Dire StraitsOn Every Street1991CD0NoEdit / Delete
Dire StraitsBrothers In Arms1985Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Dire StraitsSelf-titled1978Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Dirty Dozen Brass Band, TheMedicated Magic2002CD25NoEdit / Delete
Dirty Knobs, TheWreckless Abandon2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Doe, JohnThe Westerner2016CD0NoEdit / Delete
Doe, JohnA Year in the Wilderness2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Doe, JohnForever Hasn't Happened Yet2005CD0YesEdit / Delete
Doe, JohnMeet John Doe1990CD0NoEdit / Delete
Doe, John and The SadiesCountry Club2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
DoloreanNot Exotic2003CD0NoEdit / Delete
Donnelly, PeteThe Perpetual Tryst2021CD0YesEdit / Delete
Doobie Brothers, TheMinute By Minute1978Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Doobie Brothers, TheStampede1975Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Doobie Brothers, TheToulouse Street1972Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Doors, TheThe Best of the Doors1985Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Doucet, LukeBlood's Too Rich2008CD0YesEdit / Delete
Doucet, LukeBroken (And Other Rogue States)2005CD0YesEdit / Delete
DovesThe Last Broadcast2002CD0NoEdit / Delete
Dr. JohnGris-Gris1968CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Drams, TheJubilee Dive2006CD0YesEdit / Delete
Dream Syndicate, TheHow Did I Find Myself Here?2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Drive-by TruckersThe Unraveling2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Drive-by TruckersAmerican Band2016CD0YesEdit / Delete
Drive-by TruckersGo-Go Boots2011CD0YesEdit / Delete
Drive-by TruckersThe Big To-Do2010CD0YesEdit / Delete
Drive-by TruckersThe Fine Print: A Collection of Oddities and Rarities 2003-20082009CD0YesEdit / Delete
Drive-by TruckersBrighter Than Creation's Dark2008CD0YesEdit / Delete
Drive-by TruckersLive at The Opera House, Toronto, ON, March 19, 20082008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Drive-by TruckersA Blessing and a Curse2006CD0YesEdit / Delete
Drive-by TruckersThe Dirty South2004CD/Vinyl0/0Yes/NoEdit / Delete
Drive-by TruckersDecoration Day2003CD0YesEdit / Delete
Drive-by TruckersSouthern Rock Opera2001CD0YesEdit / Delete
DrivewaySelf Titled2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Drogue, PeteSpacey and Shakin1998CD0NoEdit / Delete
Drogue, PeteNecktie Second1994CD0NoEdit / Delete
Drogue, Pete & The SinnersFind A Door1996CD0NoEdit / Delete
Duff, EmilyRazor Blade Smile2021CD0YesEdit / Delete
Duff, EmilyBorn On The Ground2020CD0NoEdit / Delete
Duff, EmilyHallelujah Hello2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Duff, EmilyMaybe In The Morning2017Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Dutronc, Jacques (FRENCH)L'Opportuniste1968Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Dutronc, Jacques (FRENCH)Jacques Dutronc1966Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Dyer, JohnnyListen Up1994CD0NoEdit / Delete
Dylan, BobRough and Rowdy Ways2020CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Dylan, BobTravelin' Thru2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Dylan, BobTempest2012CD0NoEdit / Delete
Dylan, BobTogether Through Life2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
Dylan, BobThe Bootleg Series, Vol. 8: Tell Tale Signs - Rare and Unreleased 1989-20062008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Dylan, BobModern Times2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Dylan, BobLive at The Gaslight 19622005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Dylan, BobLove and Theft2001CD0NoEdit / Delete
Dylan, BobTime Out of Mind1997CD0NoEdit / Delete
Dylan, BobMTV Unplugged1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
Dylan, BobGood as I Been to You1992CD0NoEdit / Delete
Dylan, BobOh Mercy1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Dylan, BobDown in the Groove1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Dylan, BobBiograph (boxed set)1985Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Dylan, BobInfidels1983Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Dylan, BobBlood On The Tracks1975Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Dylan, BobNew Morning1970CD0NoEdit / Delete
Dylan, BobNashville Skyline1969Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Dylan, BobBlonde on Blonde1966CD0NoEdit / Delete
Dylan, BobBringing It All Back Home1965CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Dylan, BobHighway 61 Revisited1965CD0NoEdit / Delete
Dylan, BobSelf-titled1962Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Dylan, Bob and the BandThe Basement Tapes1975Vinyl70NoEdit / Delete
Dylan, JakobSeeing Things2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
EaglesThe Long Run1979CD0NoEdit / Delete
EaglesHotel California1976CD0NoEdit / Delete
EaglesSelf Titled1972CD0NoEdit / Delete
Eaglesmith, FredCha Cha Cha2010CD0YesEdit / Delete
Eaglesmith, FredMilly's Cafe2006CD0YesEdit / Delete
Eaglesmith, FredFalling Stars and Broken Hearts2002CD0YesEdit / Delete
Eaglesmith, FredDrive-in Movie1995CD0YesEdit / Delete
Eaglesmith, Fred & the Flying SquirrelsRalph's Last Show: Live in Santa Cruz2001CD0YesEdit / Delete
Earle, Justin TownesThe Saint Of Lost Causes2019Vinyl0YesEdit / Delete
Earle, Justin TownesKids In The Street2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Earle, Justin TownesHarlem River Blues2010CD0NoEdit / Delete
Earle, Justin TownesThe Good Life2008Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Earle, SteveI'll Never Get Out of This World Alive2011CD0NoEdit / Delete
Earle, SteveTownes2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
Earle, SteveWashington Square Serenade2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Earle, SteveTranscendental Blues (ticket)2000CD0YesEdit / Delete
Earle, SteveI Feel Alright1996CD0YesEdit / Delete
Earle, SteveCopperhead Road1988CD0NoEdit / Delete
Earle, SteveGuitar Town1986CD0NoEdit / Delete
Earle, Steve & The Dukes (& Duchesses)The Low Highway2015CD0NoEdit / Delete
Earle, Steve and the DukesJ.T.2021Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Earle, Steve and the DukesGhosts of West Virginia2020CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Earle, Steve and the DukesGuy2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Earle, Steve and the DukesSo You Wannabe an Outlaw2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Earle, Steve and the DukesTerraplane2015CD0NoEdit / Delete
Easton Stagger PhillipsResolution Road2013CD0NoEdit / Delete
Easton Stagger PhillipsOne For The Ditch2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
Easton, TimYou Really Don't Know Me2021Vinyl0YesEdit / Delete
Easton, TimPaco & The Melodic Polaroids2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Easton, TimSince 1966, Vol. 12017CD0YesEdit / Delete
Easton, TimAmerican Fork2016CD0YesEdit / Delete
Easton, TimNot Cool2013CD0NoEdit / Delete
Easton, TimNot Cool (Demos)2013CD0YesEdit / Delete
Easton, TimPorcupine (missing liner notes)2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
Easton, TimAmmunition2006CD0YesEdit / Delete
Easton, TimBreak Your Mother's Heart2003CD0YesEdit / Delete
Easton, TimThe Truth About Us2001CD0YesEdit / Delete
Easton, TimSpecial 201998CD0YesEdit / Delete
Easton, Tim and The Freelan BaronsBeat The Band (2)2011CD0NoEdit / Delete
Eddie 9VCapricorn2023Vinyl40NoEdit / Delete
Eddie 9VLittle Black Flies2021Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Eddie, JohnWho the Hell Is John Eddie?2003CD0NoEdit / Delete
Edgar Winter Group, TheThey Only Come Out at Night1972Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Edmunds, DaveTracks On Wax 41978Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Edwards, JoeKeep On Running2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Edwards, KathleenTotal Freedom2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Edwards, KathleenAsking For Flowers2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Edwards, KathleenBack To Me2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Edwards, KathleenFailer2003CD/Vinyl0/60No/NoEdit / Delete
Electric Light OrchestraOut of the Blue1977Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Electric Light OrchestraOn the Third Day1973Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Elephant RevivalPetals2016CD0NoEdit / Delete
Elkins, MyronFactories, Farms & Amphetamines2023Vinyl2023NoEdit / Delete
Elliott Brood Tin Type (EP)2004CD0YesEdit / Delete
Elton JohnSongs From The West Coast2001CD0NoEdit / Delete
Elton JohnSleeping with the Past1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Elton JohnReg Strikes Back1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Elton JohnGreatest Hits, Vol. 3 (1979-1987)1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Elton JohnLeather Jackets1986Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Elton JohnToo Low For Zero1983CD/Vinyl0/50No/NoEdit / Delete
Elton JohnCaptain Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy1975Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Elton JohnRock of the Westies1975Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Elton JohnTumbleweed Connection1970Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Ely, JoeMusta Notta Gotta Lotta1981Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Emerson , Lake & PowellEmerson, Lake & Powell1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Emerson, Lake & PalmerThe Best of Emerson, Lake & Palmer 1980Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Escovedo, AlejandroEcho Dancing (Gold vinyl)2024Vinyl70NoEdit / Delete
Escovedo, AlejandroThe Crossing2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Escovedo, AlejandroStreet Songs of Love2010CD0NoEdit / Delete
Escovedo, AlejandroLive at the Mod Club, Toronto, Ontario, July 7, 20082008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Escovedo, AlejandroReal Animal2008CD0YesEdit / Delete
Escovedo, AlejandroA Man Under the Influence2001CD0YesEdit / Delete
Escovedo, AlejandroThirteen Years1994Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Escovedo, AlejandroGravity1992Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Fabulous Thunderbirds, TheWalk That Walk, Talk That Talk1991CD0NoEdit / Delete
Fabulous Thunderbirds, TheTuff Enuff1986Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Fabulous Thunderbirds, TheButt Rockin'1981Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Fagen, DonaldThe Nightfly1982CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Fairport ConventionUnhalfbricking1969Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Faithfull, MarianneGive My Love To London2014CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Faithfull, MarianneBroken English1979CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Fantastic CatNow That's What I Call Fantastic Cat2024Vinyl40NoEdit / Delete
Fantastic CatThe Very Best of Fantastic Cat2022CD/Vinyl20/60No/YesEdit / Delete
Farm DogsImmigrant Sons1998CD0NoEdit / Delete
Farmer Not So JohnReceiver1997CD0NoEdit / Delete
Farnham, JohnWhispering Jack1986Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Farrar, Jay & Benjamin GibbardOne Fast Move Or I'm Gone, Kerouac's Big Sur2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
Fearing, StephenEvery Soul's A Sailor2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Felice Brothers, TheSelf-Titled2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Fender, SamSeventeen Going Under2021Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Fender, SamHypersonic Missiles2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Ferry, BryanAvonmore2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Ferry, BryanBete Noire1987CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Ferry, BryanBoys and Girls1985Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Field ReportMarigolden2014CD0YesEdit / Delete
Finch, Stephanie and The Company MenCry Tomorrow2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
Fireman, TheElectric Arguments2008Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Fish, SamanthaBlack Wind Howlin2022Vinyl40NoEdit / Delete
Fish, SamanthaFaster2021Vinyl30NoEdit / Delete
Fish, SamanthaBelle Of The West2017Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Fish, Samantha & Jesse DaytonDeath Wish Blues2023Vinyl40NoEdit / Delete
Flamin GrooviesFantastic Plastic2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Flamin GrooviesShake Some Action1976Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Flanigan, IanStrong2022Vinyl30NoEdit / Delete
Fleetwood MacRumours (Expanded Edition, 3-CD set)2013CD0NoEdit / Delete
Fleetwood MacSay You Will2003CD0NoEdit / Delete
Fleetwood MacBehind the Mask1990Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Fleetwood MacGreatest Hits 1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Fleetwood MacTango in the Night1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Fleetwood MacJumping at Shadows Recorded Live in Boston, 19691985Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Fleetwood MacMirage1982Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Fleetwood MacTusk1979Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Fleetwood MacRumours1977Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Fleetwood MacFleetwood Mac1975Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Fleetwood MacHeroes Are Hard to Find1974Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Fleetwood MacPenguin1973Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Fleetwood MacBare Trees1972Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Fleetwood MacFuture Games1971Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Fleetwood MacThen Play On1969CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Fleetwood MacMr. Wonderful1968Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Fleetwood MacSelf-Titled1968Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Flemons, DomBlack Cowboys2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Fogelberg, DanThe Innocent Age1981Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Fogerty, JohnDeja Vu All Over Again2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Fogerty, JohnPremonition1998CD0NoEdit / Delete
Fogerty, JohnCenterfield1985Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Foley, SueLove Comin' Down2000CD0NoEdit / Delete
Foley, SueBig City Blues1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
Forbert, SteveMoving Through America2022CD/Vinyl30/60Yes/YesEdit / Delete
Forbert, SteveEarly Morning Rain2020CD30NoEdit / Delete
Forbert, SteveThe Magic Tree2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Forbert, SteveIn Concert: King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
Forbert, SteveStreets of This Town1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Forbert, SteveJackrabbit Slim1979CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Forbert, SteveAlive On Arrival1978Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
ForeignerInside Information1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Foreigner41981CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
ForeignerSelf-Titled1977Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Forster, RobertInferno2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Forster, RobertThe Evangelist2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Foucault, JeffreyBlood Brothers2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Foucault, JeffreySalt As Wolves2015CD0NoEdit / Delete
Foucault, JeffreyHorse Latitudes2011CD0NoEdit / Delete
Foucault, JeffreyGhost Repeater2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Foucault, JeffreyStripping Cane2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Frampton, PeterFrampton Comes Alive!1976CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Francey, DavidEmpty Train2016CD0NoEdit / Delete
Francis, NeilIn Plain Sight2021Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Francis, NeilChanges2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Freddy Jones Band, TheWaiting For The Night1993CD0NoEdit / Delete
Frehley, AceSelf Titled1978Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Frey, GlennSolo Collection1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
Frey, GlennLive1993CD0NoEdit / Delete
Frey, GlennSoul Searchin'1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Frey, GlennThe Allnighter1984Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Frey, GlennNo Fun Aloud1982Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Friedman, Roger StreetLove Hope Trust2022CD40YesEdit / Delete
Friedman, Roger StreetRise (2)2020CD0YesEdit / Delete
Friedman, Roger StreetShoot The Moon2017CD/Vinyl0/0Yes/YesEdit / Delete
Friedman, Roger StreetThe Waiting Game2014CD0YesEdit / Delete
Fulks, RobbieGeorgia Hard2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Fulks, Robbie / Linda Gail LewisWild! Wild! Wild!2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Fun Lovin' CriminalsCome Find Yourself1996CD0NoEdit / Delete
Gabriel, Peteri/o (Bright-Side Mix 2LP)2023Vinyl65NoEdit / Delete
Gabriel, Peteri/o (Bright-Side Mix, Dark-Side Mix, In-Side Mix) [2CD/Dolby Atmos Blu-ray]2023CD65NoEdit / Delete
Gabriel, Peteri/o (Dark-Side Mix 2LP)2023Vinyl65NoEdit / Delete
Gabriel, PeterUs1992CD0NoEdit / Delete
Gabriel, PeterSo1986Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Gainsbourg, Serge (FRENCH)L' Homme a Tete de Chou1976Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Gainsbourg, Serge (FRENCH)Histoire de Melody Nelson1971Vinyl56NoEdit / Delete
Gainsbourg, Serge (FRENCH)Jane Birkin et Serge Gainsbourg1969Vinyl70NoEdit / Delete
Gainsbourg, Serge (FRENCH)Initials B.B.1968Vinyl40NoEdit / Delete
Gales, EricCrown (gold vinyl - 2LPs)2022Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Gallant, LennieLive2002CD0NoEdit / Delete
Garcia, Jerry - David GrismanGarcia, Jerry and David Grisman1991CD0NoEdit / Delete
Gatton, Danny88 Elmira St. (Limited Edition of 1,000 numbered - Transparent Vinyl)1991CD70NoEdit / Delete
Gauthier, MaryRifles & Rosary Beads2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Gauthier, MaryBetween Daylight and Dark2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Gauthier, MaryMercy Now2005CD0YesEdit / Delete
Gauthier, MaryFilth & Fire2002CD0NoEdit / Delete
GenesisInvisible Touch1986Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
GenesisGenesis1983CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
GenesisAbacab1981Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
GenesisDuke1980CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
GenesisAnd Then There Were Three1978CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
GenesisSeconds Out1977Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
GenesisTrick of the Tail1976CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
GenesisWind & Wuthering1976Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
GenesisThe Lamb Lies Down on Broadway1974Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
GenesisLive1973Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
GenesisSelling England by the Pound1973CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
GenesisFoxtrot1972Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
GenesisNursery Cryme1971Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
GenesisTrespass1970Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
GenesisFrom Genesis to Revelation1969Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Georgia SatellitesSelf-Titled1986Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Giant SandProvisions2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Gibbons, BillyHardware2021Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Gibbs, OtisHoosier National2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Gilkyson, ElizaParadise Hotel2005CD0YesEdit / Delete
Gilmore, Jimmie DaleOne Endless Night2000CD0NoEdit / Delete
Gilmour, DavidOn an Island2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Gilmour, DavidAbout Face1984CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Gilmour, DavidDavid Gilmour1978CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Gin BlossomsCongratulations I'm Sorry1996CD0NoEdit / Delete
Gob IronDeath Songs For The Living2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Gogo, DavidChange of Pace2000CD30YesEdit / Delete
Gordon, Robert / Link WrayRobert Gordon with Link Wray1977Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Gourds, TheNoble Creatures2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Gourds, TheCow Fish Fowl or Pig2002CD0NoEdit / Delete
Gov't MuleHigh & Mighty2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Graham, Jon DeeFull2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Graham, Jon DeeThe Great Battle2004CD0YesEdit / Delete
Graham, Jon DeeEscape From Monster Island1997CD0NoEdit / Delete
Graham, Jon Dee & The Fighting CocksIt's Not As Bad As It Looks2010CD0NoEdit / Delete
Grahams, TheKids Like Us2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Gramm, LouLong Hard Look1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Gramm, LouReady or Not1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Grateful DeadBuilt to Last1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Grateful DeadIn the Dark1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Grateful DeadSkeletons from the Closet: The Best of Grateful Dead1974Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Great Lake SwimmersThe Waves, The Wake2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Great Lake SwimmersLost Channels2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
Great Lake SwimmersOngiara2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Great Lake SwimmersBodies And Minds2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Green On RedToo Much Fun1992CD0NoEdit / Delete
Green On RedGas Food Lodging1985CD0YesEdit / Delete
Green, Peter Splinter GroupReaching The Cold1002003CD0NoEdit / Delete
Greene, JackieBack To Birth2015Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Greene, JackieGiving Up the Ghost2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Greene, JackieThe Dig Years 2001-20052007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Greene, JackieAmerican Myth2006CD0YesEdit / Delete
Greene, JackieSweet Somewhere Bound2004CD0YesEdit / Delete
Greene, JackieRusty Nails2003CD0YesEdit / Delete
Greene, JackieGone Wanderin'2002CD0YesEdit / Delete
Greene, Jackie / Sal Valentino and FriendsPositively 12th & K: A Bob Dylan Tribute2003CD0YesEdit / Delete
Gregg Allman BandI'm No Angel1986Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Grey JJ & MofroCountry Ghetto2007CD/Vinyl35/60No/NoEdit / Delete
Grey KingdomLight, I'll Call Your Name Out "Darkness"2013CD0YesEdit / Delete
GreyhoundsChange of Pace2016CD0YesEdit / Delete
GreyhoundsHeaven On Earth2015CD0YesEdit / Delete
Griffin, PattyPatty Griffin2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Griffin, PattyAmerican Kid2013CD0NoEdit / Delete
Griffin, PattySilver Bell2013CD0NoEdit / Delete
Griffin, PattyDowntown Church2010CD0NoEdit / Delete
Griffin, PattyChildren Running Through2007CD0YesEdit / Delete
Griffith, NanciOther Voices, Other Rooms1993CD0NoEdit / Delete
Griffith, NanciLast Of True Believers1990CD0NoEdit / Delete
Griffith, NanciOnce In A Very Blue Moon1984Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Griffith, NanciThere's a Light Beyond These Woods1978Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Grissom, David10,000 Feet2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
Grissom, DavidLoud Music2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Grushecky, Joe & the Houserockers AmericanBabylon1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
GTRGTR1986Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Gundersen, NoahWhite noise2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Gundersen, NoahCarry The Ghost2015CD0NoEdit / Delete
Gundersen, NoahLedges2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Gunn, SteveThe Unseen In Between2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Guthrie, ArloAlice's Restaurant (50th Anniversary Edition) X 21967Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Guy, BuddyThe Blues Don't Lie2022Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Guy, BuddyThe Blues Is Alive And Well2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Guy, BuddySkin Deep2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Guy, BuddySweet Tea2001CD0NoEdit / Delete
Guy, BuddyLive: The Real Deal1996CD0NoEdit / Delete
Guy, BuddyStone Crazy!1981Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Hacienda BrothersSelf Titled2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Hackett, SteveGuitar Noir1994CD0NoEdit / Delete
Hackett, SteveTill We Have Faces1984Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Hackett, SteveBay of Kings1983Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Hadrich, Wes & Greg TiburziNaturally Blue2014CD0YesEdit / Delete
Haggard, Merle and The StrangersI'm A Lonesome Fugitive1967Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
HalfwayAny Old Love2015CD0NoEdit / Delete
HalfwayAn Outpost of Promise2010CD0NoEdit / Delete
HalfwayFarewell to the Fainthearted2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Hard Working AmericansRest In Chos2016CD0NoEdit / Delete
Harding, John WesleyIt Happened One Night1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Hardy, Françoise (FRENCH)Tous Les Garcons Et Les Filles1962Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Harmer, SarahI'm a Mountain2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Harmer, SarahYou Were Here2000CD0NoEdit / Delete
Harper, Ben Bloodline Maintenance2022Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Harper, Ben Both Sides of The Gun2006Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Harper, Ben Diamonds On The Inside2003Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Harper, Ben Welcome to the Cruel World1994Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Harper, Ben & The Innocent CriminalsLive From Mars2001CD0NoEdit / Delete
Harper, Ben and Charlie MusselwhiteNo Mercy In This Land2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Harper, RoyBullinamingvase1977Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Harper, RoyHQ1975Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Harper, RoyWhen An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease1975Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Harper, RoyLifemask1973Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Harper, RoyStormcock1971Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Harper, RoyFlat Baroque and Berserk1970Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Harper, RoyFolkjokeopus1969Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Harper, RoyCome out Fighting Ghengis Smith1967Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Harper, RoySophisticated Beggar1966Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Harper, Roy & Jimmy PageJugula1985Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Harris, CoreyGreens From The Garden1999CD0NoEdit / Delete
Harris, EmmylouThe Studio Albums 1980 - 832019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Harris, EmmylouWrecking Ball1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
Harris, EmmylouBluebird1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Harris, EmmylouThe Ballad of Sally Rose1985Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Harris, EmmylouRoses In The Snow1980Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Harris, Emmylou & Rodney CrowellThe Travelling Kind2015Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Harrison, GeorgeCloud Nine1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Harrison, GeorgeAll Things Must Pass (30th Anniversary Edition)1970CD0NoEdit / Delete
Harrison, JerryCasual Gods1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Harrison, JerryThe Red and the Black1981Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Hart, BethA Tribute To Led Zeppelin (Orange vinyl)2022Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Hart, Beth Band Immortal1996Vinyl40NoEdit / Delete
Harty, Josh & John Statz12 August1990CD0NoEdit / Delete
Haskard, KathleenWhere The Land Meets The Sky2013CD0NoEdit / Delete
Haskard, KathleenDon't Tell2008CD0YesEdit / Delete
Haskard, KathleenInto The Deep1998CD0NoEdit / Delete
Hawks and DovesFrom a White Hotel2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
HaydenThe Place Where We Lived2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
HaydenIn Field & Town2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
HaydenElk-Lake Serenade2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
HaydenThe Closer I Get (ticket)1998CD0NoEdit / Delete
Headpins, TheTurn It Loud1982Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Healey, Jeff Band, TheCover To Cover1995CD0YesEdit / Delete
Healey, Jeff Band, TheFeel This1992CD0NoEdit / Delete
HeartDreamboat Annie1976Vinyl60NoEdit / Delete
Hearty HarRadio Astro2021CD30NoEdit / Delete
Helm, AmyDidn't It Rain2015CD20NoEdit / Delete
Helm, LevonDirt Farmer2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Henley, DonCass County2015CD0NoEdit / Delete
Henley, DonInside Job (ticket)2000CD0NoEdit / Delete
Henley, DonActual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
Henley, DonThe End of the Innocence1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Henley, DonBuilding The Perfect Beast1984CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Henley, DonI Can't Stand Still1982Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Henry, JoeInvisible Hour2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Henry, JoeReverie2011CD0NoEdit / Delete
Henry, JoeCivilians2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Henry, JoeTiny Voices2003CD0NoEdit / Delete
Henry, JoeScar2001CD0NoEdit / Delete
Henry, JoeFuse1999CD0NoEdit / Delete
Hiatt, JohnOnly The Song Survives (Box Set)2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Hiatt, JohnThe Eclipse Sessions2018CD/Vinyl0/0Yes/NoEdit / Delete
Hiatt, JohnTerms Of My Surrender2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Hiatt, JohnMystic Pinball2012CD0NoEdit / Delete
Hiatt, JohnDirty Jeans and Mudslide Hymns2011CD0NoEdit / Delete
Hiatt, JohnThe Open Road2010CD0NoEdit / Delete
Hiatt, JohnSame Old Man2008CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Hiatt, JohnMaster of Disaster2005CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Hiatt, JohnThe Tiki Bar Is Open2001CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Hiatt, JohnCrossing Muddy Waters2000CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Hiatt, JohnWalk On1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
Hiatt, JohnPerfectly Good Guitar1993CD0NoEdit / Delete
Hiatt, JohnStolen Moments1990Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Hiatt, JohnY'All Caught? The Ones That Got Away 1979-19851989CD0NoEdit / Delete
Hiatt, JohnSlow Turning (ticket)1988CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Hiatt, JohnBring The Family1987CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Hiatt, JohnRiding With The King1983Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Hiatt, JohnSlug Line1979CD0NoEdit / Delete
Hiatt, JohnOvercoats1975CD0NoEdit / Delete
Hiatt, John & The GonersBeneath This Gruff Exterior2003CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Hiatt, John & The Guilty DogsHiatt Comes Alive at Budokan?1994CD0NoEdit / Delete
Hiatt, John with The Jerry Douglas BandLeftover Feelings2021CD/Vinyl0/0Yes/NoEdit / Delete
Hiatt, LillyLately (Pink & Black split colour)2021Vinyl50YesEdit / Delete
Hiatt, LillyWalking Proof2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Hiatt, LillyTrinity Lane2017Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Highwomen, TheSelf Titled2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Himmelman, PeterUnstoppable Forces2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Himmelman, PeterSynesthesia1989CD0NoEdit / Delete
Hiss Golden MessengerQuietly Blowing It2021Vinyl40NoEdit / Delete
Hitchcock, RobynThe Man Upstairs2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Hodgson, RogerHai Hai1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Hodgson, RogerIn The Eye Of The Storm1984CD0NoEdit / Delete
Hoge, WillWings On My Shoes2022CD/Vinyl25/50No/NoEdit / Delete
Hoge, WillTiny Little Movies2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Hoke, DerekBring The Flood2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Hold Steady, TheStay Positive2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Holland, JolieThe Living and the Dead2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Holland, JolieEscondida2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Holmes, Jimmy "Duck"It Is What It Is2016Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Honeycutters, TheOn The Ropes2016Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Honeydogs, The10,000 Years2003CD0NoEdit / Delete
Honeydogs, TheHere's Luck2001CD0NoEdit / Delete
Honeydogs, TheSeen a Ghost1997CD0NoEdit / Delete
Hood, PattersonHeat Lightning Rumbles in the Distance2012CD0YesEdit / Delete
Hoodoo GurusStoneage Romeos1984Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Hooker. John LeeChill Out (Things Gonna Change)1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
Hooker. John LeeMr. Lucky1991CD0NoEdit / Delete
Hooker. John LeeThe Healer1989CD/Vinyl20/50No/NoEdit / Delete
Hooker. John LeeHouse Of The Blues1960Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Hooten Hallers, TheSelf-Titled2017Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Hootie & The BlowfishFairweather Johnson1996CD0NoEdit / Delete
Hope, RichRich Hope Is Gonna Whip It on Ya2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
Hornsby, Bruce & The RangeScenes From The Southside1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Hornsby, Bruce & The RangeThe Way It Is1986CD25NoEdit / Delete
House, GriffinLost & Found2004CD0YesEdit / Delete
House, GriffinUpland2003CD0YesEdit / Delete
Howard, BarnaQuite A Feelin'2015CD0YesEdit / Delete
Howard, BarnaSelf Titled (2)2012CD0YesEdit / Delete
Howling WolfBig City Blues2015Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Hoyston, Jenny & William WhitmoreHallways Of Always2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Hubbard, Ray WylieCo-Starring2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Hubbard, Ray WylieTell the Devil I'm Gettin' There as Fast as I Can2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Hubbard, Ray WylieA. Enlightenment B. Endarkenment2010CD0NoEdit / Delete
Hubbard, Ray WylieDelirium Tremolos2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Hunter, IanDefiance Part 12023CD/Vinyl25/60No/NoEdit / Delete
Hunter, IanShrunken Heads2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Hunter, IanShort Back N' Sides1981Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Hunter, IanYou're Never Alone with a Schizophrenic1979Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Hunter, Ian & The Rant BandWhen I'm President2012CD0NoEdit / Delete
Hunter, Ian and the Rant BandFingers Crossed2016Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Hunter, Ian/Mick RonsonYUI Orta1990Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Hynde, ChrissieStanding In The Doorway: Chrissie Hynde Sings Bob Dylan2021Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
I See Hawks In L.A.California Country2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Illsley, JohnVIII2022CD/Vinyl0/0Yes/YesEdit / Delete
Illsley, JohnNever Told a Soul1984Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
IndianolaZero (EP)2016CD0NoEdit / Delete
IndigenousCircle2000CD0NoEdit / Delete
Ingram Kingfish, Christone6622021CD/Vinyl0/0Yes/NoEdit / Delete
Ingram Kingfish, ChristoneKingfish2019CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
InhalerCuts & Bruises (Black/Red Circle)2023Vinyl56NoEdit / Delete
InhalerIt Won't Always Be Like This2021Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Inmates, TheFirst Offence1979Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Irion, JohnnyDriving Friend2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Iron & WineAround The Well2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
Iron & WineThe Shepherd's Dog2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Iron & WineOur Endless Numbered Days2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Iron & WineThe Creek Drank the Cradle2002CD0NoEdit / Delete
Iron & Wine and Ben BridwellSing Into My Mouth2015CD0NoEdit / Delete
Isaak, ChrisFirst Comes the Night2015CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Isaak, ChrisMr. Lucky2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
Isaak, ChrisBaja Sessions1996CD0NoEdit / Delete
Isaak, ChrisForever Blue1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
Isaak, ChrisSan Francisco Days1993CD0NoEdit / Delete
Isaak, ChrisHeart Shaped World1989CD0NoEdit / Delete
Isaak, ChrisSelf-Titled1986Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Isaak, ChrisSilvertone1985CD0NoEdit / Delete
Isakov, Gregory AlanEvening Machines2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Isbell, JasonSomething More Than Free2015CD0NoEdit / Delete
Isbell, JasonSirens Of The Ditch2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Isbell, Jason & The 400 UnitGeorgia Blue2021Vinyl60NoEdit / Delete
Isbell, Jason & The 400 UnitReunions2020Vinyl40NoEdit / Delete
Isbell, Jason & The 400 UnitThe Nashville Sound2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Isbell, Jason & The 400 UnitHere We Rest2011CD0NoEdit / Delete
Isbell, Jason & The 400 UnitSelf Titled2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
Ivey, JeremyInvisible Pictures2022Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Ivey, Jeremy & The ExtraterrestrialsWaiting Out The Storm2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
J. Geils Band, TheFreeze Frame1981Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
J. Geils Band, TheLove Stinks1980Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
J. Geils Band, TheBest of The J. Geils Band1979Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
J. Geils Band, TheBloodshot1973Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
J. Geils Band, TheLadies Invited1973Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
J.D. SoutherBlack Rose1976Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Jacklin, JuliaDon't Let The Kids Win2016CD0YesEdit / Delete
Jackson, JadeWilderness2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Jackson, JoeNight and Day1982Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Jagger, MickGoddess in the Doorway2001CD0NoEdit / Delete
Jagger, MickPrimitive Cool1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
James Oliver Band, TheTwang!2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
James, ColinMiles to Go2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
James, ColinBlue Highways2016CD0NoEdit / Delete
James, ColinLimelight2005CD0YesEdit / Delete
James, ColinBad Habits1995CD0YesEdit / Delete
James, ColinSudden Stop1990Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
James, ColinColin James1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
James, ElmoreThe Sky Is Crying: The History of Elmore James1993CD0NoEdit / Delete
James, EttaBlues To The Bone2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Jamestown RevivalSan Isabel2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Jansch, BertLiving In The Shadows2017Vinyl80NoEdit / Delete
Jayhawks, TheXOXO2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Jayhawks, ThePaging Mr. Proust2016CD0YesEdit / Delete
Jayhawks, TheRainy Day Music2003CD0NoEdit / Delete
Jayhawks, TheTomorrow the Green Grass1995CD0YesEdit / Delete
Jayhawks, TheHollywood Town Hall1992CD0YesEdit / Delete
Jeff Healey Band, TheHell to Pay1990Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Jefferson Airplane2400 Fulton Street: An Anthology1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Jeffreys, Garland14 Steps To Harlem2017CD0YesEdit / Delete
Jeffreys, GarlandEscape Artist1981Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Jeffreys, GarlandRock & Roll Adult1981Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Jethro TullHeavy Horses (40th Anniversary – New Shoes Edition)2018CD0NoEdit / Delete
Jethro TullSongs From The Wood (40th Anniversary Edition)2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Jethro TullAqualung (40th Anniversary Adapted Edition)2016CD0NoEdit / Delete
Jethro TullBenefit - A Collector's Edition2013CD0NoEdit / Delete
Jethro TullThick As A Brick (40th Anniversary Set)2012CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Jethro TullAqualung (The Steven Wilson Stereo Remix)2011Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Jethro TullAqualung Live2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Jethro TullA Little Light Music1992CD0NoEdit / Delete
Jethro TullCatfish Rising1991CD0NoEdit / Delete
Jethro TullRock Island1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Jethro TullTwenty Years of Jethro Tull (boxed set)1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Jethro TullCrest of a Knave1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Jethro TullSongs from the Wood1977Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Jethro TullM.U.: The Best of Jethro Tull1976Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Jethro TullAqualung1971Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Jethro TullBenefit1970Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Jethro TullStand Up1969Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Jethro TullThis Was1968Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Jett, Joan and the BlackheartsI Love Rock 'N' Roll1981Vinyl40NoEdit / Delete
Jewell, EilenGet Behind the Wheel2023Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Jewell, EilenGypsy2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Jimi Hendrix Experience, TheAre You Experienced?1967Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Joel, BillyRiver of Dreams1993CD0NoEdit / Delete
Joel, BillyStorm Front1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Joel, BillyGreatest Hits: Volume 1 & Volume II1985CD0NoEdit / Delete
John Butler Trio, TheSunrise Over Sea2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
JohnsonVultures Await2004CD0YesEdit / Delete
Johnson, EricBloom2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Johnson, EricVenus Isle1996CD0NoEdit / Delete
Johnson, EricAh Via Musicom1990CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Johnson, JackIn Between Dreams2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Johnson, JackOn and On2003CD0NoEdit / Delete
Johnson, JackBrushfire Fairytales2001CD0NoEdit / Delete
Johnson, JameyThe Guitar Song (3-LPs)2010Vinyl100NoEdit / Delete
Johnson, Jamey That Lonesome Song (2 LPs)2009Vinyl70NoEdit / Delete
Johnson, RobertThe Complete Collection2012Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Johnson, WillEl Capitán2021Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Johnston, FreedyThis Perfect World1994CD0NoEdit / Delete
JoleneIn the Gloaming1998CD0NoEdit / Delete
JoleneHell's Half Acre1996CD0NoEdit / Delete
Jones, Booker T.Potato Hole2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
Jones, MickMick Jones1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Jones, NorahCome Away With Me2002Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Jones, Rickie LeeTraffic from Paradise1993CD0NoEdit / Delete
Joplin Group, JoshUseful Music1999CD0NoEdit / Delete
JourneyEscape1981Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Jules, GaryTrading Snakeoil for Wolftickets2001CD0NoEdit / Delete
June, ValerieThe Moon And Stars: Prescriptions For Dreamers2021Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
June, ValerieThe Order of Time2017CD0YesEdit / Delete
JunkhouseBirthday Boy1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
JunkhouseStrays1993CD/Vinyl0/50No/NoEdit / Delete
Jupp, MickeyJuppanese1978Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Jurado, DamienVisions of Us on the Land2016CD0NoEdit / Delete
Jurado, DamienAnd Now That I'm in Your Shadow2006CD0YesEdit / Delete
Jurado, DamienOn My Way to Absence2005CD0YesEdit / Delete
Jurado, DamienJust In Time For Something2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Jurado, DamienGhost of David2000CD0YesEdit / Delete
Kahane, GabrielWhere are the Arms2011Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Kaplanski, LucyThe Red Thread2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Kaplanski, LucyTen Year Night1999CD0YesEdit / Delete
Keb'Mo'The Door2000CD0NoEdit / Delete
Keen, Robert EarlWestern Chill (Boxed Set)2023Vinyl250NoEdit / Delete
Keen, Robert EarlHappy Prisoner: The Bluegrass Sessions2015CD0NoEdit / Delete
Keen, Robert EarlWhat I Really Mean2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Keen, Robert EarlA Bigger Piece of Sky1993Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Kelly, PaulPaul Kelly's Christmas Train2021CD0NoEdit / Delete
Kelly, PaulNature2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Kelly, PaulLife Is Fine2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Kelly, PaulSeven Sonnets & A Song2016CD0YesEdit / Delete
Kelly, PaulSpring and Fall2012CD0YesEdit / Delete
Kelly, PaulStolen Apples2007CD0YesEdit / Delete
Kelly, PaulWays & Means2004CD0YesEdit / Delete
Kelly, PaulNothing But a Dream2001CD0YesEdit / Delete
Kelly, PaulPost1985Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Kelly, Paul & Charlie OwenDeath's Dateless Night2016CD0YesEdit / Delete
Kelly, Paul & The Stormwater BoysFoggy Highway2005CD0YesEdit / Delete
Kelly, Paul and The MessengersComedy1992CD0YesEdit / Delete
Kelly, Paul and The MessengersGossip1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Kenny GDuotones1986Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Kimbrough, WillWings2010CD0NoEdit / Delete
King CrimsonIn The Court Of Crimson1969Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
King, B.B.Blues on the Bayou1998CD0NoEdit / Delete
King, B.B.Deuces Wild1997CD0NoEdit / Delete
King, CaroleCity Streets1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
King, CaroleTapestry1971Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
King, MarcusMood Swings2024Vinyl120YesEdit / Delete
King, MarcusYoung Blood2022Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Kinks, TheLost & Found (1986-89)1991CD0NoEdit / Delete
Kinks, TheThe Kinks Live: The Road1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Kinks, TheGive The People What They Want1981Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Kinks, TheLow Budget1979Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Kinks, TheSleepwalker1977Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Kinks, TheFace To Face1966Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Kirchen, BillDieselbilly Road Trip2002CD0YesEdit / Delete
Kiwanuka, MichaelLove & Hate2016Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Knack, TheGet The Knack1979Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Knight, ChrisAlmost Daylight2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Knight, ChrisThe Trailer Tapes2007CD0YesEdit / Delete
Knight, ChrisEnough Rope2006CD0YesEdit / Delete
Knight, ChrisA Pretty Good Guy2001Vinyl90YesEdit / Delete
Knight, ChrisSelf Titled1998CD0YesEdit / Delete
Knitters, TheThe Modern Sounds of the Knitters2005CD0YesEdit / Delete
Knopfler, MarkOne Deep River2024CD/Vinyl40/70No/NoEdit / Delete
Knopfler, MarkPrivateering2012CD0NoEdit / Delete
Knopfler, MarkSailing to Philadelphia2000CD0NoEdit / Delete
Kozelek, MarkNights LP: 12 Songs by Mark Kozelek (Live & Rare Versions: 1996-2007)2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Kristofferson, KrisLive From Austin, TX2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Kristofferson, KrisThis Old Road2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Kristofferson, KrisKristofferson1970Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
LadyhawkShots2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
LaFarge, PokeyIn The Blossom Of Their Shade2021Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
LaFarge, PokeyRock Bottom Rhapsody (blue vinyl)2020Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Lafave, JimmyHighway Trance1994CD0NoEdit / Delete
Lamontagne, RaySupernova2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Lamontagne, RayGossip in the Grain2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Lamontagne, RayTill the Sun Turns Black2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Lamontagne, RayTrouble2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Lamontagne, Ray and the Pariah DogsGod Willin' & the Creek Don't Rise2010CD0NoEdit / Delete
Landreth, SonnyLevee Town2000CD0NoEdit / Delete
Landry, GillLove Rides a Dark Horse2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Landry, GillSelf Titled2015CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Landry, GillThe Ballad of Lawless Soirez2007CD0YesEdit / Delete
Lane, NikkiDenim & Diamonds2022Vinyl0YesEdit / Delete
Lane, NikkiHighway Queen2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Lang, JonnyLie To Me1997CD0NoEdit / Delete
Langford, JonFour Lost Souls2017Vinyl35NoEdit / Delete
Lanois, DanielBelladonna2005CD0YesEdit / Delete
Lanois, DanielShine2003CD0YesEdit / Delete
Lanois, DanielAcadie1989CD/Vinyl0/0Yes/NoEdit / Delete
Larkin PoeSelf Made Man2020Vinyl40NoEdit / Delete
Lauderdale, JimHeaded For The Hills2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Le Fevre, Lincoln and The Insiders – 30-Watt Heart30-Watt Heart2014Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
LeBlanc, DylanCoyote (Limited Edition Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl)2023Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Led ZeppelinIn Through the Out Door1979Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Led ZeppelinPresence1976Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Led ZeppelinPhysical Graffiti1975Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Led ZeppelinHouses of the Holy1973Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin IV1971Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin III1970Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin 1969CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin II1969Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Ledger, LoganGolden State2023Vinyl40NoEdit / Delete
Ledger, LoganSelf Titled2020Vinyl40NoEdit / Delete
Lee Harvey OsmondBeautiful Scars2015CD0YesEdit / Delete
Lee Harvey OsmondThe Folk Sinner2013CD0YesEdit / Delete
Lee Harvey OsmondA Quiet Evil2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
Lee Harvey OsmondLive at the Dakota Tavern, Toronto, Ontario, April 22, 20092009CD0NoEdit / Delete
Lee, AmosMountains Of Sorrow, Rivers Of Song2013CD0NoEdit / Delete
Lee, AmosMission Bell2011CD0NoEdit / Delete
Lee, AmosLast Days At The Lodge2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Lee, AmosSupply And Demand2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Lee, AmosSelf Titled2005CD/Vinyl0/65Yes/NoEdit / Delete
Lee, BenAwake Is the New Sleep2005CD0YesEdit / Delete
Leger, JerryTraveling Grey2010Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Leger, Jerry and The SituationSome Folks Know2012Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Legge, CoreySome Days2020CD0YesEdit / Delete
Legge, CoreyDriving Out Of Eden2019CD0YesEdit / Delete
Lennon, JohnAcoustic2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Lennon, JohnImagine: John Lennon, Music From The Original Motion Picture1988CD0NoEdit / Delete
Lennon, JohnMenlove Ave.1986Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Lennon, JohnDouble Fantasy1980Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Lennon, JohnRock 'N' Roll1975CD0NoEdit / Delete
Lennon, JohnShaved Fish1975Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Lennon, JohnMind Games1973Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Lennon, JohnPlastic Ono Band1970Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Lennon, JulianValotte1984Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Lerche, SondrePatience2020Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Lerche, SondreTwo Way Monologue2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Leventhal, JohnRumble Strip (Limited Edition)2024CD50NoEdit / Delete
Lewis, Huey & The NewsSports1983CD0NoEdit / Delete
Lewis, JennyThe Voyager2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Lewis, JennyAcid Tongue2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Lewis, Jerry LeeThe Killer Keys Of Jerry Lee Lewis (Sun Records 70th Anniversary)2022Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Lewis, Jerry LeeLast Man Standing2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Lightfoot, GordonSummertime Dream1976CD0NoEdit / Delete
Lightfoot, GordonSundown1974CD0NoEdit / Delete
Lightfoot, GordonDon Quixote1972Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Lightfoot, GordonSummer Side Of Life1971CD0NoEdit / Delete
Lightfoot, GordonIf You Could Read My Mind1970Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Lightfoot, TerraNew Mistakes2017Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Linden, ColinBig Mouth2003CD0NoEdit / Delete
Lindley, DavidWin This Record1982Vinyl30NoEdit / Delete
Lindley, DavidEl Rayo-X1981Vinyl80NoEdit / Delete
Little FeatLet It Roll1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Little FeatDixie Chicken1973Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Little FeatDixie Chicken (Deluxe Edition)1973Vinyl80NoEdit / Delete
Little FeatSailin' Shoes1972Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Little River BandGreatest Hits1982Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Little Steven & The Disciples Of SoulSoulfire Live!2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Little VillageSelf Titled1992Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Lofgren, NilsCrooked Line1992CD0NoEdit / Delete
Logue, TonyJericho2022Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Lone JusticeLone Justice1985CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Lonesome Billies, TheIt's Good To Be Lonesome2015CD0NoEdit / Delete
LoomerLive at the Cadillac Lounge, May 11, 20072007CD0NoEdit / Delete
LoomerSongs Of The Wild West Island2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
LoomerLove Is A Dull Instrument2004CD0YesEdit / Delete
Lord HuronStrange Trails2015CD0NoEdit / Delete
Lord HuronLonesome Dreams2012CD0NoEdit / Delete
Los LobosNative Sons2021Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Los LobosThe Town And The City2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Los LobosHow Will The Wolf Survive?1984Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Los Lonely BoysSelf Titled (ticket)2004CD0YesEdit / Delete
Louris, GaryAcoustic Vagabonds 2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Louris, GaryVagabonds2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Loveless, LydiaReal2016CD0YesEdit / Delete
Lovett, Lyle12th of June2022Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Lovett, LyleMy Baby Don't Tolerate2003CD0NoEdit / Delete
Lovett, LyleThe Road To Ensenada1996CD0NoEdit / Delete
Low Cut ConnieDirty Pictures (Part 2)2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Low Cut ConnieDirty Pictures (Part 1)2017Vinyl60NoEdit / Delete
LuceroRebels, Rogues & Sworn Brothers2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
LuceroNobody's Darlings2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
LuceroThat Much Further West2003CD0NoEdit / Delete
LuceroTennessee2002CD0NoEdit / Delete
Lund, CorbCounterfeit Blues2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Lund, CorbLosin' Lately Gambler2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
Lund, CorbHorse Soldier! Horse Soldier!2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Lund, CorbHair In My Eyes Like A Highland Steer2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Lustre Kings, TheThat's Showbiz2004CD0YesEdit / Delete
Lynne, JeffArmchair Theatre1990Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Lynyrd SkynyrdSkynyrd's First: The Complete Muscle Shoals Album1998CD0NoEdit / Delete
Lynyrd SkynyrdLegend1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Lynyrd SkynyrdGold & Platinum1979Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
M. WardPost-War2006CD0YesEdit / Delete
M. WardTransistor Radio2005CD0YesEdit / Delete
M. WardTransfiguration of Vincent2003CD0YesEdit / Delete
MacAlpine, TonyMaximum Security1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
MacIsaac, AshleyHi How Are You Today?1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
Magnolia Electric Co.Live at Lee's Palace, Toronto, Ontario, October 5, 20072007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Magnolia Electric Co.Fading Trails2006CD0YesEdit / Delete
Magnolia Electric Co.Trials & Errors2005CD0YesEdit / Delete
Magnolia Electric Co.What Comes After the Blues2005CD0YesEdit / Delete
Mahal, Taj & Ry CooderGet On Board2022Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Mahone, Michelle19772021Vinyl0YesEdit / Delete
Mahone, MichelleSlings & Arrows2017Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Malin, JesseSunset Kids2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Malin, JesseThe Heat2004CD0YesEdit / Delete
Malin, JesseThe Fine Art of Self Destruction2003CD0YesEdit / Delete
Mancini, HenryThis Is Henry Mancini1970Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Mangan, DanClub Meds2015CD0NoEdit / Delete
Mangan, DanOh, Fortune2011CD0NoEdit / Delete
Mangan, DanNice Nice Very Nice2010CD0NoEdit / Delete
Mangan, DanPostcards and Daydreaming2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Mann, Aimee@#%&*! Smilers2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Mann, AimeeThe Forgotten Arm2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Mann, AimeeWhatever1993CD0NoEdit / Delete
MarahIf You Didn't Laugh, You'd Cry2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Marah20,000 Streets Under the Sky2004CD0YesEdit / Delete
Marcus King Band, TheCarolina Confessions2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
MarillionBrave1994CD0NoEdit / Delete
MarillionB-Sides Themselves1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
MarillionClutching at Straws1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
MarillionFugazi1984Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Mark - AlmondNightmusic1996CD0NoEdit / Delete
Mark, CarolynThe Queen of Vancouver Island2012Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Mark, Carolyn and NQ ArbuckleLet's Just Stay Here2009CD/Vinyl0/0Yes/YesEdit / Delete
Marley, Bob and The WailersCatch A Fire1973Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Martin, GeorgeIn My Life1998CD0NoEdit / Delete
Martyn, JohnGrace & Danger1980Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Martyn, JohnOne World1977Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Martyn, JohnSolid Air1973Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Martyn, JohnBless The Weather1971Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Martyn, JohnLondon Conversation1967Vinyl60NoEdit / Delete
Mascis, JSeveral Shades Of Why2011CD0NoEdit / Delete
Mason, DaveTwo Hearts1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Mason, DaveLet It Flow1977Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Matthews Band, DaveEveryday2001CD0NoEdit / Delete
Matthews Band, DaveBefore These Crowded Streets1998CD0NoEdit / Delete
Matthews Band, DaveCrash1996CD0NoEdit / Delete
Mavericks, TheBrand New Day2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Mavericks, TheIn Time2013CD0NoEdit / Delete
Mavericks, TheTrampoline1998CD0NoEdit / Delete
Mavericks, TheWhat a Crying Shame1994CD0NoEdit / Delete
Max WebsterHigh Class in Borrowed Shoes1977Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Mayer, JohnBorn And Raised2012CD0NoEdit / Delete
Mays, Matt (cd not in case)Once Upon a Hell of a Time...2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
McArthur, MichaelMilky Stars2022Vinyl0YesEdit / Delete
McAuley Schenker GroupPerfect Timing1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
McCartney, PaulMcCartney III2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
McCartney, PaulChaos and Creation In The Backyard2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
McCartney, PaulFlowers in the Dirt1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
McCartney, PaulAll the Best1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
McCartney, PaulLondon Town1978Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
McClinton, DelbertCost of Living2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
McClinton, Delbert and Self-Made Men + DanaTall, Dark, & Handsome2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
McKee, MariaPeddlin' Dreams2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
McLauchlan, MurraySweeping The Spotlight Away1995Vinyl35NoEdit / Delete
McMurtry, JamesThe Horses and the Hounds2021CD/Vinyl0/0No/YesEdit / Delete
McMurtry, JamesComplicated Game2015CD/Vinyl0/0Yes/NoEdit / Delete
McMurtry, JamesLive in Europe2009CD0YesEdit / Delete
McMurtry, JamesJust Us Kids2008CD0YesEdit / Delete
McMurtry, JamesLive from the Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, Ontario, May 7, 20082008CD0NoEdit / Delete
McMurtry, JamesChildish Things (ticket)2005CD/Vinyl0/0Yes/NoEdit / Delete
McMurtry, JamesSaint Mary of The Woods2002CD0YesEdit / Delete
McMurtry, JamesWhere'd You Hide the Body1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
McMurtry, JamesCandyland1992CD0YesEdit / Delete
McMurtry, JamesToo Long in the Wasteland1989CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
McMurtry, James & the Heartless BastardsLive in Aught-Three2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
McPherson, JDUndivided Heart & Soul2017CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
McPherson, JDLet the Good Times Roll2015CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
McPherson, JDSigns & Signifiers2010CD0NoEdit / Delete
McVie, ChristineChristine McVie1984Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
MeatloafBlind Before I Stop1986Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Melancon, RodPinkville2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Melancon, RodSouthern Gothic2017Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Mellencamp, JohnOrpheus Descending2023CD/Vinyl30/60No/NoEdit / Delete
Mellencamp, JohnStrictly A One-Eyed Jack2022CD/Vinyl18/42No/NoEdit / Delete
Mellencamp, JohnThe Good Samaritan Tour 20002021CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Mellencamp, JohnPlain Spoken2014CD/Vinyl20/40No/NoEdit / Delete
Mellencamp, JohnGhost Brothers Of Darkland (CD+DVD) 2013CD0NoEdit / Delete
Mellencamp, JohnNo Better Than This2010CD0NoEdit / Delete
Mellencamp, JohnLife Death Love and Freedom2008CD15NoEdit / Delete
Mellencamp, JohnFreedom's Road2007CD15NoEdit / Delete
Mellencamp, JohnTrouble No More2003CD25NoEdit / Delete
Mellencamp, JohnCuttin' Heads2001CD22NoEdit / Delete
Mellencamp, JohnRough Harvest1999CD0NoEdit / Delete
Mellencamp, John CougarThe Lonesome Jubilee1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Mellencamp, John CougarScarecrow1985Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Mellencamp, John CougarUh-Huh1983Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Mellencamp, John featuring Carlene CarterSad Clowns & Hillbillies2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Merchant, NatalieKeep Your Courage2023Vinyl75NoEdit / Delete
Merchant, NatalieMotherland2001CD0NoEdit / Delete
Merchant, NatalieTigerlilly1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
Merritt, TiftStitch of the World2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Merritt, TiftAnother Country2008CD0YesEdit / Delete
Merritt, TiftLive from the El Mocambo, Toronto, Ontario, April 1, 20082008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Merritt, TiftTambourine (ticket)2004CD0YesEdit / Delete
Merritt, TiftBramble Rose2002CD0YesEdit / Delete
Mick Fleetwood Band, TheSomething Big2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Midnight OilResist2022Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Midnight OilDiesel and Dust1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Mike + The MechanicsThe Living Years1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Mike The SwanEastside Drive2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Miller, BillRaven In The Snow1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
Miller, BuddyUniversal United House of Prayer2004CD0YesEdit / Delete
Miller, BuddyPoison Love1997CD0NoEdit / Delete
Miller, Buddy & JulieBreakdown on 20th Ave. South2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Miller, Buddy & JulieWritten in Chalk2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
Miller, Buddy & JulieSelf Titled2001CD0YesEdit / Delete
Miller, RhettThe Misfit (Sky Blue vinyl)2022Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Miller, RhettThe Messenger2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Miller, RhettThe Traveler2015CD0NoEdit / Delete
Miller, RhettThe Believer2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Miller, RhettThe Instigator (ticket)2002CD0YesEdit / Delete
Miller, Scott and the CommonwealthCitation2006CD30NoEdit / Delete
Miller, Scott and the CommonwealthUpside Downside2003CD0NoEdit / Delete
Miller, Steve BandFly Like An Eagle1976Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Miller, Steve BandRecall The Beginning 1972Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Miller's Majestic Silver Strings, BuddyBuddy Miller's Majestic Silver Strings2011CD0NoEdit / Delete
Millsap, ParkerBe Here Instead2021Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Millsap, ParkerOther Arrangements2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Millsap, ParkerThe Very Last Day2016CD0NoEdit / Delete
Millsap, ParkerSelf Titled2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Millsap, Parker / Michael RosePalisade2012CD0NoEdit / Delete
Mitchell, JoniEarly Joni - 19632020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Mitchell, JoniLive at Canterbury House - 19672020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Mitchell, JoniCourt and Spark1974CD0NoEdit / Delete
Mitchell, KimRockland1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Mitchell, KimShakin' Like a Human Being1986Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Modern Lovers, TheSelf-titled1976Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Mojave 3Out of Tune1998CD0NoEdit / Delete
Molina, JasonLet Me Go, Let Me Go, Let Me Go2006Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Montoya, CocoWriting On The Wall (Blue Vinyl)2023CD/Vinyl0/0Yes/NoEdit / Delete
Montoya, CocoYa Think I'd Know Better1996CD0YesEdit / Delete
Moody Blues, TheStrange Times1999CD0NoEdit / Delete
Moody Blues, TheSur La Mer1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Moody Blues, TheLong Distance Voyager1981Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Moody Blues, TheSeventh Sojourn1972Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Moody, RuthThese Wilder Things2013CD0NoEdit / Delete
Moore, AbraStrangest Places1997CD0NoEdit / Delete
Moore, GaryHow Blue Can You Get 2021Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Moore, GaryBallads & Blues: 1982-19941995CD0NoEdit / Delete
Moore, GaryStill Got The Blues1990Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Moore, GaryAfter the War1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Moore, GaryWild Frontier1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Moore, IanLuminaria2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Moore, IanAnd All The Colors...2000CD0NoEdit / Delete
Moore, IanModernday Folklore1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
Moorer, AllisonMockingbird2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Moorer, AllisonThe Duel2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Morby, KevinThis Is A Photograph2022Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
MorcheebaBlackest Blue2021Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Moreland, JohnBirds In The Ceiling2022CD/Vinyl35/50No/NoEdit / Delete
Moreland, JohnLP52020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Moreland, JohnBig Bad Luv2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Moreland, JohnHigh On Tulsa Heat2015CD0YesEdit / Delete
Moreland, JohnIn The Throes2013CD0NoEdit / Delete
Moreland, JohnEarthbound Blues2011CD0NoEdit / Delete
Morlix, GurfCut 'N Shoot2004CD0YesEdit / Delete
Morlix, GurfFishin' in the Muddy2002CD0YesEdit / Delete
MorphineYes 1995Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
MorphineGood 1992Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Morris, MarenHero2016Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Morris, R.BTake That Ride1997CD0NoEdit / Delete
Morrison, VanRoll With The Punches2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Morrison, VanPay the Devil2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Morrison, VanWhat's Wrong with This Picture?2003CD0NoEdit / Delete
Morrison, VanToo Long in Exile1993CD0NoEdit / Delete
Morrison, VanHis Band and The Street Choir (Limited Numbered Edition of 5,000)1970Vinyl75NoEdit / Delete
Morrison, VanAstral Weeks1968Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Morrow, SamConcrete And Mud2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Mother Hips, ThePart-Timer Goes Full1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
MountainThe Best Of Mountain1973Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Mountain Goats, TheBeat The Champ2015CD0NoEdit / Delete
Moving Sidewalks, TheFlash1968Vinyl40NoEdit / Delete
MudcrutchSelf Titled2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Mullins, ShawnSoul's Core1998CD0NoEdit / Delete
Mulvey, PeterThe Knuckleball Suite2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Murat, Jean LouisCheyenne Autumn1989Vinyl40NoEdit / Delete
Murphy, ElliottNight Lights1976Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Murry, JohnThe Stars Are God's Bullet Holes2021CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Murry, JohnA Short History of Decay2017CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
My Darling ClementimeStill Testifying2017Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
My Morning JacketIt Still Moves2003CD0NoEdit / Delete
Nash, GrahamSongs For Beginners1971Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Nash, Graham / David CrosbySelf-titled1972Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Nash, IsraelTopaz2021Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Nash, IsraelLifted2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Nash, IsraelRain Plans2014CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Natalie D-Napoleon, NatalieLeaving Me Dry2012CD0YesEdit / Delete
National Lights, TheThe Dead Will Walk, Dear2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
National Reserve, TheMotel La Grange2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
National, TheFirst Two Pages of Frankenstein2023Vinyl40NoEdit / Delete
National, TheSleep Well Beast2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
National, TheHigh Violet2010CD0NoEdit / Delete
National, TheAlligator2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
National, TheSelf Titled2001CD0NoEdit / Delete
NazarethHair of The Dog1975Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
NazarethSelf Titled1971Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Neil, Casey & The Norway RatsSelf-Titled1000Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Nelson, Lukas & Promise of the RealA Few Stars Apart2021Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Nelson, WillieIt Always Will Be2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Nelson, WillieStardust1978Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Neville Brothers, TheYellow Moon1989CD0NoEdit / Delete
Newman, RandyRoll with the Punches: The Studio Albums (1979–2017) - eight-LP box set2021Vinyl250NoEdit / Delete
Newman, RandyDark Matter2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Newman, RandyHarps and Angels2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Newman, RandyBad Love1999CD0NoEdit / Delete
Newman, RandyLand of Dreams1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Newman, RandyTrouble In Paradise1983Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Newman, RandyLittle Criminals1977Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Newman, RandyGood Old Boys1974Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Newman, RandySail Away1972Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Newman, Randy12 Songs1970Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Nicholson, ShaneHell Breaks Loose2015CD0NoEdit / Delete
Nicks, StevieThe Other Side of the Mirror1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Nicks, StevieBella Donna1981Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Nile, WillieThe Day The Earth Stood Still2021CD40YesEdit / Delete
Nile, WillieNew York at Night2020CD40YesEdit / Delete
Nile, WillieChildren of Paradise2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Nile, WillieChildren of Paradise, 2nd copy2018Vinyl50YesEdit / Delete
Nile, WilliePositively Bob, Willie Nile Sings Bob Dylan2017CD/Vinyl40/50Yes/YesEdit / Delete
Nilsson, HarryAll Time Greatest Hits1978CD0NoEdit / Delete
Nolan, ScottReceiver/Reflector2011CD0NoEdit / Delete
Norgren, DanielWooh Dang2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
North Mississippi AllstarsSet Sail2022Vinyl50YesEdit / Delete
North Mississippi AllstarsUp And Rolling2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
North Mississippi AllstarsPrayer For Peace2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
North Mississippi AllstarsWorld Boogie Is Coming2013CD0NoEdit / Delete
North Mississippi AllstarsShake Hands With Shorty (ticket)2000CD0YesEdit / Delete
North, MattBullies in the Backyard2022CD0YesEdit / Delete
North, MattAbove Ground Fools2017CD0YesEdit / Delete
NQ ArbuckleThe Future Happens Anyway2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
NQ ArbuckleXOK2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
NQ ArbuckleThe Last Supper in a Cheap Town2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
NQ ArbuckleHanging The Battle-Scarred Pinata2002CD0NoEdit / Delete
NRBQAt Yankee Stadium1978Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
O'Connor, SineadI Do Not Want What I Haven't Got1990Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
O'Reilly, Marty & the Old Soul OrchestraStereoscope2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
O'Reilly, Marty & the Old Soul OrchestraPray For Rain2015Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Oh SusannaA Girl in Teen City2017CD0YesEdit / Delete
Oh SusannaShort Stories2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Oh SusannaJohnstown1999Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Okkervil RiverThe Silver Gymnasium2013CD0NoEdit / Delete
Okkervil RiverThe Stand Ins2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Okkervil RiverBlack Sheep Boy2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Old 97'sAmerican Primitive (Olive Green vinyl)2024Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Old 97'sTwelfth2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Old 97'sDrag It Up2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Old 97'sToo Far To Care1997CD0NoEdit / Delete
Oldfield, MikeTubular Bells1973CD0NoEdit / Delete
Olsen, AngelBig Time2022Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Olsen, AngelWhole New Mess2020Vinyl40NoEdit / Delete
Olson, MarkThe Salvation Blues2007CD0YesEdit / Delete
Olson, Mark & Gary LourisReady For The Flood2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Only Ones, TheSelf Titled1978CD0NoEdit / Delete
Or, The WhaleLight Poles and Pines2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Orbison, RoyMystery Girl1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Outlaw, SamAngeleno2015CD0YesEdit / Delete
Ovans, TomThe Cure2023CD37YesEdit / Delete
Over The RhineOhio2003CD0NoEdit / Delete
Page, JimmyOutrider1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Paisley, DougStrong Feelings2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Paisley, DougConstant Companion2010CD0NoEdit / Delete
Paisley, DougSelf Titled2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Parham, Levi & Them Tulsa Boys and GirlsIt's All Good2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Park, PatrickEveryone's In Everyone2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Parker, GrahamLast Chance To Learn The Twist2023CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Parker, GrahamSongs of No Consequence2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Parker, GrahamDeepcut To Nowhere2001CD0NoEdit / Delete
Parker, GrahamPourin' It All Out: Mercury Years1986Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Parker, Graham & The RumourMystery Glue2015CD0NoEdit / Delete
Parker, Graham & The RumourSqueezing Out Sparks1979Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Parsons, AlanLive1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
Parsons, GramGP / Grievous Angel1990CD0NoEdit / Delete
PassengerBirds That Flew and Ships That Sailed2022CD/Vinyl0/0Yes/YesEdit / Delete
Pat Metheny GroupLetter from Home1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Peck, OrvilleBronco2022Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Peck, OrvillePony2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Peeples, Grant & The Peeples RepublikSettling Scores Vol. II2018CD0YesEdit / Delete
Pernice BrothersSpread The Feeling2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Pernice BrothersGoodbye, Killer2010CD0NoEdit / Delete
Pernice BrothersLive a Little2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Pernice BrothersYours, Mine & Ours2003CD0YesEdit / Delete
Pernice BrothersOvercome by Happiness (25th Anniversary Deluxe Colour)1998Vinyl0YesEdit / Delete
Pernice, JoeRichard2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Perrett, PeterHumanworld2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Perrett, PeterHow The West Was Won2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Petite, SaraRare Bird2021CD0NoEdit / Delete
Petty, TomAn American Treasure (Box Set)2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Petty, TomHighway Companion2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Petty, TomWildflowers1994CD0NoEdit / Delete
Petty, TomFull Moon Fever1989CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Petty, Tom & The HeartbreakersHypnotic Eye2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Petty, Tom & The HeartbreakersEcho1999CD0NoEdit / Delete
Petty, Tom & The HeartbreakersInto The Great Wide Open1991CD0NoEdit / Delete
Petty, Tom & The HeartbreakersLet Me Up (I've Had Enough)1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Petty, Tom & The HeartbreakersSouthern Accents1985CD0NoEdit / Delete
Petty, Tom & The HeartbreakersHard Promises1981CD0NoEdit / Delete
Petty, Tom & The HeartbreakersDamn the Torpedoes1979CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Petty, Tom & The HeartbreakersYou're Gonna Get It!1978CD0NoEdit / Delete
Petty, Tom & The HeartbreakersSelf Titled1976CD0NoEdit / Delete
Peyroux, Madeleine Dreamland2014Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Peyroux, MadeleineCareless Love2004CD0YesEdit / Delete
Phelps, Kelly JoeSlingshot Professionals2003CD0YesEdit / Delete
Phelps, Kelly JoeLead Me On1995CD0YesEdit / Delete
Phillips, Grant-LeeAll That You Can Dream2022Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Phillips, Grant-LeeLightning Show Us Your Stuff2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Phillips, Grant-LeeWiddershins2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Phillips, Grant-LeeLittle Moon2009Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Phillips, Grant-LeeVirginia Creeper2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Phillips, Grant-LeeMobilize2001CD0NoEdit / Delete
PhosphorescentRevelator2024Vinyl60NoEdit / Delete
PhosphorescentC'est La Vie2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
PhosphorescentHere's to Taking It Easy2010CD0YesEdit / Delete
PhosphorescentTo Willie2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
PhosphorescentPride2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Piaf, Edith / Theo Sarapo (FRENCH)Recital Bobino1963Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Picott, RodFortune2015CD0YesEdit / Delete
Picott, RodHang Your Hopes on a Crooked Nail2014CD0YesEdit / Delete
Picott, RodWelding Burns2011CD0YesEdit / Delete
Picott, RodSummerbirds2007CD0YesEdit / Delete
Picott, RodGirl From Arkansas2004CD0YesEdit / Delete
Picott, RodStray Dogs2002CD0YesEdit / Delete
Picott, RodTiger Tom Dixon's Blues2001CD0YesEdit / Delete
Picott, Rod & Amanda ShiresSew Your Heart with Wires2009CD0YesEdit / Delete
Pines, TheAbove The Prairie2016CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Pines, TheDark So Gold2012CD0NoEdit / Delete
Pines, TheTremolo2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
Pines, TheSparrows in the Bell2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Pink FloydPulse (Limited Edition LED)1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
Pink FloydDelicate Sound of Thunder - Live1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Pink FloydA Momentary Lapse of Reason1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Pink FloydOn The Turning Away (single)1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Pink FloydOne Slip- IN SINGLES1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Pink FloydThe Final Cut1983Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Pink FloydThe Wall1979CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Pink FloydAnimals1977CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Pink FloydAnimals (2018 Remix - LP / CD / BLU-RAY / DVD)1977Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Pink FloydWish You Were Here1975Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Pink FloydThe Dark Side of the Moon1973CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Plant, RobertCarry Fire2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Plant, RobertBand of Joy2010CD0NoEdit / Delete
Plant, RobertManic Nirvana1990Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Plant, RobertNow & Zen1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Plant, RobertThe Principle of Moments1983Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Plant, Robert / Alison KraussRaise The Roof2021Vinyl44NoEdit / Delete
Plant, Robert / Alison KraussRaising Sand2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Plant, Robert and the Sensational Space ShiftersLullaby and ... the Ceaseless Roar2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Plant, Robert and the Strange SensationMighty ReArranger2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Plaskett, JoelThree2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
Plaskett, JoelLa De Da2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Plastic Bertrand (FRENCH)An 11978Vinyl55NoEdit / Delete
Plume Band, MikeBorn By The Radio2018CD0YesEdit / Delete
Plume Band, Mike8:30 Newfoundland2009CD0YesEdit / Delete
Plume Band, MikeFools For The Radio2001CD0YesEdit / Delete
Plume Band, MikeSong & Dance, Man1999CD0YesEdit / Delete
PocoLegacy1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
PocoThe Very Best of Poco1975CD0NoEdit / Delete
Poe, DavidThe Late Album2002CD20NoEdit / Delete
Poe, DavidSelf Titled1997CD40NoEdit / Delete
Pogues, TheIf I Should Fall from Grace with God1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Pogues, TheRed Roses For Me1984Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Police, TheSynchronicity1983CD0NoEdit / Delete
Police, TheZenyatta Mondatta1980Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Porteous, Wyckham 3 AM2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Porteous, Wyckham In This World1997CD0NoEdit / Delete
Porteous, Wyckham Looking for Ground1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
Potter, GraceDaylight2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
PretendersHate2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
PretendersViva el Amor1999CD0NoEdit / Delete
PretendersLast of the Independents1994CD0NoEdit / Delete
PretendersPretenders II1981Vinyl20NoEdit / Delete
PretendersSelf-Titled1980Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Price, MargoStrays (Limited Edition Pink Swirl)2023Vinyl70YesEdit / Delete
Price, MargoThat's How Rumors Get Started2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Price, MargoAll American Made2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Price, MargoMidwest Farmer's Daughter2016CD0NoEdit / Delete
Prine, JohnThe Tree Of Forgiveness2018CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Prine, JohnFor Better, Or Worse2016Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Prine, JohnFair & Square2005CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Prine, JohnIn Spite Of Ourselves1999Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Prine, JohnLost Dogs & Mixed Blessings1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
Prine, JohnThe Missing Years1991CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Prine, JohnLive1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Prine, JohnBruised Orange1978CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Prine, JohnDiamonds in the Rough1972CD0NoEdit / Delete
Prine, TommyThis Far South2023Vinyl40NoEdit / Delete
ProclaimersLet's Hear It for the Dogs2015CD0YesEdit / Delete
Professor LonghairCrawfish Fiesta1980Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Prophet, ChuckThe Land That Time Forgot2020CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Prophet, ChuckBobby Fuller Died For Your Sins2017CD/Vinyl0/0Yes/NoEdit / Delete
Prophet, ChuckNight Surfer2014CD0YesEdit / Delete
Prophet, ChuckTemple Beautiful2012CD0YesEdit / Delete
Prophet, ChuckDreaming Waylon's Dreams2010CD0YesEdit / Delete
Prophet, ChuckLet Freedom Ring2009CD0YesEdit / Delete
Prophet, ChuckLive at the El Mocambo, Toronto, Ontario, July 4, 20082008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Prophet, ChuckSoap and Water2007CD0YesEdit / Delete
Prophet, ChuckAge of Miracles2004CD/Vinyl0/0Yes/NoEdit / Delete
Prophet, ChuckNo Other Love2002CD/Vinyl0/0Yes/NoEdit / Delete
Prophet, ChuckThe Hurting Business2000CD0YesEdit / Delete
Prophet, ChuckHomemade Blood1997CD0YesEdit / Delete
Prophet, ChuckFeast of Hearts1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
Prophet, ChuckBalinese Dancer1993CD0NoEdit / Delete
Prophet, ChuckBrother Aldo1990CD0NoEdit / Delete
Prophet, Chuck & The Mission ExpressLive à Paris - Boule Noire, 21 Nov 20172023CD50YesEdit / Delete
Prophet, Chuck & The Mission ExpressTurn The Pigeons Loose2000CD0NoEdit / Delete
Pug, JoeWindfall2015CD0YesEdit / Delete
Pug, JoeThe Great Despiser2012CD0YesEdit / Delete
Pug, JoeMessenger2010CD0YesEdit / Delete
Pug, JoeNation of Heat (EP)2008CD0YesEdit / Delete
Pulkingham, DavidLittle Pearl2015CD20NoEdit / Delete
Pulkingham, DavidPlays Guitar, Volume 32014CD20NoEdit / Delete
Pulley, RebekahHere in the Real World2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Pulley, Rebekah & The Reluctant ProphetsSongs of Southern Zen: From Pen and Paper to the Electric Den2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Punch BrothersThe Phosphorescent Blues2015CD0NoEdit / Delete
QueenThe Miracle1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
QueenHigh Voltage (Recorded on Tour in Europe 1974-75)1979Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
QueenA Day At The Races1976Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
QueenA Night at the Opera1975Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Quiet LifeHousebroken Man2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
R.E.M.Reveal2001CD0NoEdit / Delete
R.E.M.Up1998CD0NoEdit / Delete
R.E.M.Monster1994CD0NoEdit / Delete
R.E.M.Automatic for the People1992CD0NoEdit / Delete
R.E.M.Murmur1983Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Rabin, TrevorRio2023Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Rafferty, GerryRight Down the Line: The Best of Gerry Rafferty1989CD0NoEdit / Delete
Rafferty, GerryCity to City1978Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Ragan, ChuckTill Midnight2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Ragan, ChuckCovering Ground2011CD0NoEdit / Delete
Raitt, BonnieJust Like That (Limited Edition Teal vinyl)2022Vinyl60NoEdit / Delete
Raitt, BonnieJust Like That...2022Vinyl45NoEdit / Delete
Raitt, BonnieDig In Deep2016Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Raitt, BonnieSlipstream2012Vinyl60NoEdit / Delete
Raitt, BonnieSilver Lining2002CD0NoEdit / Delete
Raitt, BonnieLuck of the Draw1991CD0NoEdit / Delete
Raitt, BonnieStreetlights1974Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Ramirez, DavidWe're Not Going Anywhere2017CD0YesEdit / Delete
Ramirez, DavidApologies2012CD0YesEdit / Delete
RamonesRoad To Ruin1978Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
RamonesSelf Titled1976CD0NoEdit / Delete
Ramsey, BoIn the Weeds1997CD0YesEdit / Delete
Rateliff, NathanielFalling Faster Than You Can Run2013CD0YesEdit / Delete
Rateliff, NathanielIn Memory of Loss2010CD0NoEdit / Delete
Rateliff, Nathaniel & The Night SweatsThe Future2021Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Rateliff, Nathaniel & The Night SweatsTearing At The Seams2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Rateliff, Nathaniel & The Night SweatsSelf Titled2015CD0NoEdit / Delete
Record Company, TheThe 4th Album2023Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Record Company, ThePlay Loud2021Vinyl40NoEdit / Delete
Record Company, TheAll Of This Life2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Record Company, TheGive It Back To You2016Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Redding, OtisLonely & Blue: The Deepest Soul Of Otis Redding2013Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Reds, Pinks and Purples, TheThe Town That Cursed Your Name (Seaglass Blue vinyl)2023Vinyl40NoEdit / Delete
Reed, LouNew York1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Reed, LouWalk on the Wild Side: The Best of Lou Reed1977Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Reid, TerryThe Other Side of The River2016CD0NoEdit / Delete
Reid, TerryRiver1973CD0NoEdit / Delete
Replacements, TheTim1985CD0NoEdit / Delete
Resentments, TheSwitcheroo2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Retribution Gospel ChoirSelf Titled2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Return To ForeverRomantic Warrior1975Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Reverend Horton HeatWhole New Life2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Reverend Horton HeatREV2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Reverend Shawn Amos, The & The BrotherhoodBlue Sky2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Rhame, EricTimber and Steel2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Rhame, EricLong Cold Nights2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Ribot, MarcSongs Of Resistance 1942-20182018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Rice, DamienO2002CD0NoEdit / Delete
Richards, KeithTalk Is Cheap1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Richards, Keith and The X-Pensive WinosLive at the Hollywood Palladium1991CD0NoEdit / Delete
Richman, Jonathan & the Modern LoversSelf Titled1977Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Richmond FontaineDon't Skip Out On Me2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Richmond FontaineYou Can't Go Back If There's Nothing to Go Back To2016CD0NoEdit / Delete
Richmond FontaineThirteen Cities2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Richmond FontaineThe Fitzgerald2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Richmond FontainePost To Wire2004CD0YesEdit / Delete
Richmond FontaineWinnemucca2002CD0NoEdit / Delete
Ritter, JoshSpectral Lines (Signed Star Certificate - Limited to 750)2023CD/Vinyl0/0No/YesEdit / Delete
Ritter, JoshFever Breaks2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Ritter, JoshGathering2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Ritter, JoshSermon On The Rocks2015CD0NoEdit / Delete
Ritter, JoshThe Beast In Its Tracks2013CD0NoEdit / Delete
Ritter, JoshLive at The Record Exchange2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Ritter, JoshThe Historical Conquests Of Josh Ritter (Bonus Disc)2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Ritter, JoshThe Animal Years2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Ritter, Josh4 Songs Live2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Ritter, JoshHello Starling2003CD0NoEdit / Delete
Ritter, JoshGolden Age of Radio2001CD0YesEdit / Delete
Ritter, JoshSelf Titled2000CD0NoEdit / Delete
Roach, ArchieTell Me Why2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Roach, ArchieCharcoal Lane1990Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Robert Cray Band, TheDon't Be Afraid of the Dark1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Robertson, RobbieHow To Become Clairvoyant2011CD0NoEdit / Delete
Robertson, RobbieContact From The Underworld Of Redboy1998CD0NoEdit / Delete
Robertson, RobbieStoryville1991CD0NoEdit / Delete
Robertson, RobbieRobbie Robertson1987CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Rod GatorFor Louisiana2021Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Rodgers, PaulMuddy Water Blues, A Tribute to Muddy Waters1993CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
RodriguezComing from Reality1971CD0NoEdit / Delete
RodriguezCold Fact1970CD0NoEdit / Delete
Rogers, RoySlidewinder1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Rolling Stones, TheHackney Diamonds (Green Vinyl)2023Vinyl60NoEdit / Delete
Rolling Stones, TheLive At The El Mocambo (1977)2022CD/Vinyl60/200No/NoEdit / Delete
Rolling Stones, TheBlue & Lonesome (Deluxe Box Set)2016CD0NoEdit / Delete
Rolling Stones, TheA Bigger Bang2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Rolling Stones, TheStripped1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
Rolling Stones, TheVoodoo Lounge1994CD/Vinyl0/80No/NoEdit / Delete
Rolling Stones, TheSteel Wheels1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Rolling Stones, TheTattoo You1981Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Rolling Stones, TheEmotional Rescue1980Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Rolling Stones, TheSome Girls1978Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Rolling Stones, TheBlack and Blue1976Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Rolling Stones, TheGoats Head Soup1973Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Rolling Stones, TheExile on Main St.1972CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Rolling Stones, TheSticky Fingers1971Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Rolling Stones, TheBeggars Banquet1968Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Rolling Stones, TheFlowers1967Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Rolling Stones, TheEngland's Newest Hit Makers1964CD0NoEdit / Delete
Romano, DanielToo Hot To Sleep2024Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Romano, DanielOkay Wow2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Romano, DanielFinally Free2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Romano, DanielModern Pressure2017Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Romano, DanielCome Cry With Me2013CD/Vinyl0/0Yes/NoEdit / Delete
Ronstadt, LindaCry Like a Rainstorm - Howl Like the Wind1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Ronstadt, LindaSimple Dreams1977Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Ronstadt, LindaPrisoners In Disguise1975Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Rose, WhitneyHeartbreaker of the Year2015CD0YesEdit / Delete
Rose, WhitneySelf Titled2013CD0NoEdit / Delete
Rossington Collins BandThis Is The Way1982Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Rossington Collins BandAnytime Anyplace Anywhere1980Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Rouse, JoshGoing Places2022Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Rouse, JoshSubtitulo2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Rouse, JoshNashville2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Rouse, Josh19722003CD/Vinyl25/50No/NoEdit / Delete
Rouse, JoshHome2000CD0NoEdit / Delete
Rouse, JoshDressed Up Like Nebraska1998CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Rowe, SeanThe Darkness Dressed in Colored Lights2021CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Roxy MusicAvalon1982Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, TheThe Orchestral Tubular Bells1975Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Rubinoos, TheFrom Home2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Ruen BrothersAll My Shades Of Blue2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Ruffner, MasonGypsy Blood1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Rundgren, ToddA Wizard, A True Star1973Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Rundgren, ToddSomething/Anything?1972Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Rusby, KateAwkward Annie2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
RushFeedback2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
RushTest for Echo1996CD0NoEdit / Delete
RushHold Your Fire1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
RushMoving Pictures1981CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
RushPermanent Waves1980CD0NoEdit / Delete
RushA Farewell To Kings1977CD0NoEdit / Delete
Rush21121976CD0NoEdit / Delete
RushFly By Night1975CD0NoEdit / Delete
Russell, LeonCarney1972Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Russell, TomOctober In The Railroad Earth2019CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Russell, TomOld Songs Yet To Sing2018CD0NoEdit / Delete
Russell, TomFolk Hotel2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Russell, TomThe Rose of Roscrae2015CD0YesEdit / Delete
Russell, TomDon't Look Down - The Tom Russell Movie (DVD)2011CD0YesEdit / Delete
Russell, TomMesabi2011CD0YesEdit / Delete
Russell, TomCowboy'd All To Hell2010CD0YesEdit / Delete
Russell, TomBlood and Candle Smoke2009CD0YesEdit / Delete
Russell, TomVeteran's Day: The Tom Russell Anthology2008CD0YesEdit / Delete
Russell, TomWounded Heart of America2007CD0YesEdit / Delete
Russell, TomLove & Fear2006CD0YesEdit / Delete
Russell, TomThe Man from God Knows Where1999CD0YesEdit / Delete
Russell, TomThe Rose of the San Joaquin1995CD0YesEdit / Delete
Russell, TomHeart on a Sleeve1984CD35NoEdit / Delete
Rusty RomanceWho Brought The Fun?2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Rutledge, JustinPassages2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Rutledge, JustinDaredevil2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Rutledge, JustinMan Descending2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Rutledge, JustinDevil on a Bench in Stanley Park2006CD0YesEdit / Delete
Rutledge, JustinLive at the Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, Ontario, December 21, 20062006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Rutledge, JustinNo Never Alone2004CD0YesEdit / Delete
Ryan, MatthewHustle Up Starlings2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Ryan, MatthewBoxers2014CD0YesEdit / Delete
Ryan, MatthewDear Lover2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
Ryan, MatthewMatthew Ryan vs The Silver State2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Ryan, MatthewRegret Over the Wires2003CD0NoEdit / Delete
Ryan, MatthewConcussion2001CD0NoEdit / Delete
Ryan, MatthewEast Autumn Grin2000CD0NoEdit / Delete
Ryan, MatthewLive at Rockpalast, Cologne, Germany, June 25, 19981998CD0NoEdit / Delete
Ryan, MatthewMay Day1997CD0NoEdit / Delete
Ryder, MitchNever Kick A Sleeping Dog1983Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Saddletramps, TheWell Gone Bad1997CD0NoEdit / Delete
Sadies, TheNorthern Passages2017Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Sadies, TheInternal Sounds2013CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Sadies, TheDarker Circles2010Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Sadies, TheIn Concert, Volume One2006CD50NoEdit / Delete
Sadies, TheFavourite Colours2004CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Sahm, Doug and BandSelf-Titled1973Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Sanborn, DavidHideaway1979Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
SantanaSupernatural1999CD0NoEdit / Delete
Satriani, JoeFlying in a Blue Dream1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Satriani, JoeSurfing With The Alien1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Savoy BrownLooking In1970Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Scaggs, BozOut Of The Blues2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Scaggs, BozMemphis2013CD30NoEdit / Delete
Scaggs, BozSilk Degrees1976Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Scaggs, BozSlow Dancer1974Vinyl20NoEdit / Delete
Scaggs, BozSelf-titled1969Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Schmidt, ZachRaise a Banner2021Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Schoepp, TrapperSiren Songs (Deluxe Gatefold)2023CD/Vinyl40/60No/NoEdit / Delete
Schoepp, TrapperMay Day2021CD/Vinyl35/50No/NoEdit / Delete
Scott, Tom and The L.A. ExpressSelf Titled1974Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Seger, Bob & The Silver Bullet BandIt's a Mystery1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
Sexsmith, RonThe Vivian Line2023Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Sexsmith, RonHermitage2020Vinyl40NoEdit / Delete
Sexsmith, RonLong Player Late Bloomer2011CD0NoEdit / Delete
Sexsmith, RonTime Being2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Sexsmith, RonRetriever2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Sexsmith, RonBlue Boy2001CD0NoEdit / Delete
Sexsmith, RonWhereabouts1999CD0NoEdit / Delete
Sexsmith, RonOther Songs1997CD0NoEdit / Delete
Sexsmith, RonSelf Titled1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
Sexton, CharlieCruel and Gentle Things2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Sexton, CharliePictures For Pleasure1985Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Shaver, Billy JoeVictory1998CD0YesEdit / Delete
Shepherd, Kenny WayneLedbetter Heights1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
Shocked, MichelleThe Texas Campfire Tapes1986CD0NoEdit / Delete
Shout Out LoudsHowl Howl Gaff Gaff2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Shovels & RopeLittle Seeds2016CD0NoEdit / Delete
SidewindersAuntie Ramos' Pool Hall1990CD0NoEdit / Delete
Silos, TheFlorizona2011CD0NoEdit / Delete
Silos, TheSelf Titled1990CD0NoEdit / Delete
Simon and GarfunkelThe Concert In Central Park1982Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Simon and GarfunkelBridge Over Troubled Water1970Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Simon, PaulYou're The One2000CD0NoEdit / Delete
Simon, PaulGraceland1986Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Simone, NinaMy Baby Just Cares for Me2012Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
SkydiggersWarmth of the Sun2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
SkydiggersCity of Sirens2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
SkydiggersLive at the Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, Ontario, December 19, 20082008CD0NoEdit / Delete
SkydiggersDesmond's Hip City1997CD0YesEdit / Delete
SkydiggersRestless1992CD0YesEdit / Delete
SkydiggersSelf Titled1991CD0NoEdit / Delete
Skydiggers with the Cash BrothersLive at the Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, Ontario, December 21, 20072007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Slim, LanghorneBe Set Free2009CD0YesEdit / Delete
SloanSteady2022Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
SloanOne Chord To Another1996Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Sloan, P.F.Sailover2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
SlobberboneEverything You Thought Was Right Was Wrong Today2000CD0YesEdit / Delete
Sly and the Family StoneStand!1969Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Smith, DardenWestern Skies2022Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Smith, DardenEverything2017Vinyl0YesEdit / Delete
Smith, DardenLove Calling2013CD0NoEdit / Delete
Smith, ElliottXO1998CD0NoEdit / Delete
Smith, JohnHummingbird2018CD0YesEdit / Delete
Smith, MindyLong Island Shores2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Smith, SonnyRod for Your Love2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Snider, ToddCrank It, We're Doomed (Limited Edition Opaque Yellow Vinyl)2023CD/Vinyl75/25No/NoEdit / Delete
Snider, ToddFirst Agnostic Church of Hope and Wonder2021Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Snider, ToddCash Cabin Sessions, Vol. 32019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Snider, ToddLive: The Storyteller2011CD0NoEdit / Delete
Snider, ToddThe Excitement Plan2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
Snider, ToddPeace, Love and Anarchy: Rarities, B-Sides and Demos, Vol. 12007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Snider, ToddThe Devil You Know2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Snider, ToddThat Was Me: The Best of Todd Snider 1994-19982005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Snider, ToddEast Nashville Skyline2004CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Snider, ToddHappy to Be Here2000CD0NoEdit / Delete
Snider, ToddViva Satellite1998CD0NoEdit / Delete
Snider, ToddSongs for the Daily Planet1994CD0NoEdit / Delete
Son VoltElectro Melodier2021Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Son VoltNotes Of Blue2016Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Son VoltThe Search2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Son VoltOkemah and the Melody of Riot2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Son VoltWide Swing Tremolo1998CD0NoEdit / Delete
Son VoltTrace1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
Songs: OhiaMagnolia Electric Co.2003CD0YesEdit / Delete
Sonny & The SunsetsNew Day with New Possibilities2021Vinyl55NoEdit / Delete
Sons Of BillOh God Ma'am2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Sophie & the Broken ThingsDelusions Of Grandeur2022Vinyl45NoEdit / Delete
South San GabrielDual Hawks2008CD0YesEdit / Delete
South San GabrielThe Carlton Chronicles: Not Until the Operation's Through2005CD0YesEdit / Delete
Souther, J.D.Black Rose1976Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Spencer Davis Group, TheThe Best of The Spencer Davis Group1967Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Split EnzMental Notes1975Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Spooky ToothWitness1973Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Springsteen, BruceOnly The Strong Survive (Limited Edition Nightshade Green Vinyl))2022Vinyl80NoEdit / Delete
Springsteen, BruceLetter To You2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Springsteen, BruceThe Album Collection, Vol. 1 1973-19842014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Springsteen, BruceDevils & Dust2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Springsteen, BruceThe Rising (Limited Edition, Special Edition)2002CD0NoEdit / Delete
Springsteen, Bruce18 Tracks1999CD0NoEdit / Delete
Springsteen, BruceTunnel of Love1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Springsteen, BruceBorn In The U.S.A.1984Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Springsteen, BruceNebraska1982CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Springsteen, BruceThe River1980CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Springsteen, BruceDarkness on the Edge of Town1978CD0NoEdit / Delete
Springsteen, BruceBorn to Run1975Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Springsteen, BruceGreetings from Asbury Park, N.J.1973CD0NoEdit / Delete
Springsteen, Bruce & The E Street BandLive at the Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Ontario, October 15, 20072007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Springsteen, Bruce & The E Street BandMagic2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Squier, BillyHear & Now1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Squier, BillyEnough Is Enough1986Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Squier, BillyEmotions in Motion1982Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Squier, BillyDon't Say No1981Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Squier, BillyThe Tale of The Tape1980Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Stace, WesleyWesley Stace's John Wesley Harding2017Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Stagger, LeeroyLove Versus2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Stagger, LeeroyDream It All Away2015CD0YesEdit / Delete
Staples, MavisIf All I Was Was Black2017Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Stapleton, ChrisHigher2023Vinyl70NoEdit / Delete
Stapleton, ChrisStarting Over2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Stapleton, ChrisFrom A Room: Volume 12017CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Stapleton, ChrisFrom A Room: Volume 22017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Stapleton, ChrisTraveller2015Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Statz, JohnDarkness On The San Juans2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Statz, JohnThe Fire Sermon2017CD0YesEdit / Delete
Statz, JohnGhost Towns2010CD0NoEdit / Delete
Statz, JohnOur Love Was Made For Canada2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Steel Woods, TheOld News2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Steeldrivers, TheThe Steeldrivers2017Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Steeldrivers, TheReckless2010Vinyl60NoEdit / Delete
Steely DanGaucho1980CD0NoEdit / Delete
Steely DanAja1977Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Steely DanCan't Buy A Thrill1972Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Stephen Stanley Band, TheBefore The Collapse Of The Hive2023CD/Vinyl25/50No/NoEdit / Delete
Steve Miller BandComplete Albums Volume 1 (1968-1976) (9LPs)2018Vinyl325NoEdit / Delete
Steve Miller BandFly Like An Eagle1976Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Stevens, CatTea For The Tillerman 22020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Stevens, CatThe Very Best Of1990CD0NoEdit / Delete
Stevens, CatTeaser And The Firecat1971Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Stevens, CatTea For The Tillerman1970Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Stevens, SufjanIllinois2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Steward, RodHandbags & Gladrags1996CD0NoEdit / Delete
Steward, RodOut of Order1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Steward, RodRod Stewart1986Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Steward, RodAtlantic Crossing1975Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Steward, RodEvery Picture Tells a Story1971Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Steward, RodGasoline Alley1970Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Stewart, DaveGreetings from the Gutter1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
Stewart, JoelHalfway Done Livin'2000CD0NoEdit / Delete
Stewart, Joel & The Future Hall of FamersManufactured Pop Star2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Stewart, Joel & The Future Hall of Famers20th Nervous Breakdown2002CD0NoEdit / Delete
Stills, Chris100 Year Thing1998CD0NoEdit / Delete
Stills, StephenMan Alive!2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Stills, StephenManassas1972Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Stills, StephenSelf-titled1970Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
StingMercury Falling1996CD0NoEdit / Delete
StingNothing Like the Sun1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
StingThe Dream Of The Blue Turtles1985CD0NoEdit / Delete
Stoltz, KelleyBelow The Branches2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Strummer, JoeStreetcore (20th Anniversary)2003CD/Vinyl30/60No/NoEdit / Delete
Struthers, Nora JaneChampion2017Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Stuart, DanThe Unfortunate Demise of Marlowe Billings2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Stuart, Marty and his Fabulous SuperlativesAltitude2023Vinyl60NoEdit / Delete
Stuart, Marty and his Fabulous SuperlativesWay Out West2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Sun Kil MoonAdmiral Fell Promiese2010CD0NoEdit / Delete
Sun Kil MoonApril2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Sun Kil MoonTiny Cities2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
SupersuckersHoldin' the Bag2015CD0YesEdit / Delete
SupersuckersGet The Hell2014CD0YesEdit / Delete
SupertrampLive in Paris '79 (Super Deluxe Edition)2015CD0NoEdit / Delete
SupertrampCrime Of The Century (Deluxe Edition)2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
SupertrampBreakfast in America (Deluxe Edition)2010CD0NoEdit / Delete
SupertrampSome Things Never Change1997CD0NoEdit / Delete
SupertrampFree as a Bird1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
SupertrampBreakfast in America1979CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
SupertrampEven In The Quietest Moments1977CD0NoEdit / Delete
SupertrampEven in the Quietest Moments...1977Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
SupertrampCrisis? What Crisis?1975CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
SupertrampCrime of the Century1974CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
SupertrampIndelibly Stamped1971CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
SupertrampSelf Titled1970CD0NoEdit / Delete
Sweany, PatrickAncient Noise2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Sweeny, Matt / Bonnie 'Prince' BillySuperwolf2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
SweetDesolation Boulevard1974Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Swift, EmmaSelf Titled2014CD0YesEdit / Delete
Talking HeadsStop Making Sense (Special Limited Edition)1984Vinyl75NoEdit / Delete
Talking HeadsFear of Music1979Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Talking HeadsMore Songs About Buildings and Food1978Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Talking HeadsTalking Heads:771977Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Tallest Man On Earth, TheDark Bird Is Home2015CD0NoEdit / Delete
Tallest Man On Earth, TheThere's No Leaving Home2012CD0NoEdit / Delete
Tallest Man On Earth, TheThe Wild Hunt2010CD0NoEdit / Delete
Tallest Man On Earth, TheShallow Grave2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Tasjan, Aaron LeeTasjan! Tasjan! Tasjan!2021Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Tasjan, Aaron LeeSilver Tears2016Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Taylor, JamesLive1993CD0NoEdit / Delete
Taylor, JamesJT1977Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Tedeschi Trucks BandI Am The Moon (Limited Edition Box Set)2022Vinyl400YesEdit / Delete
Tedeschi Trucks BandLet Me Get By (Limited Deluxe Edition)2016CD0NoEdit / Delete
Tedeschi Trucks BandRevelator2011CD0NoEdit / Delete
Tedeschi, SusanBack To The River2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Tedeschi, SusanHope and Desire2005CD0YesEdit / Delete
Tedeschi, SusanJust Won't Burn1998Vinyl75NoEdit / Delete
Telephone (FRENCH)Telephone1977Vinyl40NoEdit / Delete
Ten Years AfterA Space in Time1971Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Teskey Brothers, TheThe Winding Way2023Vinyl60NoEdit / Delete
Teskey Brothers, TheHalf Mile Harvest2017Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Third Mind, TheThe Third Mind / 22023CD/Vinyl30/60No/NoEdit / Delete
Third Mind, TheThe Third Mind2020Vinyl60NoEdit / Delete
Thomas, IanLooking Back1993CD0NoEdit / Delete
Thomas, IanLevity1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Thomas, IanRiders on Dark Horses1984Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Thomas, IanThe Runner1981Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Thomas, IanThe Best of Ian Thomas1980Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Thomas, Ian BandStill Here1978Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
ThompsonFamily2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Thompson, LindaFashionably Late2002CD0YesEdit / Delete
Thompson, Richard13 Rivers2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Thompson, RichardStill2015CD0NoEdit / Delete
Thompson, RichardElectric2013CD0NoEdit / Delete
Thompson, RichardDream Attic2010CD0NoEdit / Delete
Thompson, RichardSweet Warrior2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Thompson, RichardFront Parlour Ballads 2005CD0YesEdit / Delete
Thompson, RichardThe Old Kit Bag2003CD0YesEdit / Delete
Thompson, RichardDaring Adventures1986Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Thompson, RichardAcross a Crowded Room1985Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Thompson, Richard & LindaShoot Out the Lights1982Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Thompson, Richard & LindaI Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight1974Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Thompson, TeddyMy Love of Country2023Vinyl40NoEdit / Delete
Thompson, TeddyHeartbreaker Please2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Thompson, TeddyA Piece Of What You Need2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Thompson, TeddySeparate Ways2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Thorn, PaulToo Blessed To Be Stressed2014CD/Vinyl0/0No/YesEdit / Delete
Thorn, PaulPimps & Preachers2010CD0YesEdit / Delete
Thorn, PaulA Long Way From Tupelo2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Thorogood, George and the DestroyersBorn to Be Bad1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Thorogood, George and the DestroyersMaverick1985Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Three Dog NightSuitable For Framing1969Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Thrush HermitClayton Park1999CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Tikaram, TanitaAncient Heart1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Tillman, J.Cancer and Delirium2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
TorontoHead on1981Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Townshend, PetePsychoderelict1993CD0NoEdit / Delete
Townshend, PeteThe Iron Man: A Musical1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Townshend, PeteDeep End (Live) (2 LPs)1986Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Townshend, PeteWhite City: A Novel1985Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Townshend, PeteAll The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes1982Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Townshend, PeteEmpty Glass1980Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
TrafficShoot Out at the Fantasy Factory1973Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
TrafficThe Low Spark of High Heeled Boys1971Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
TrafficWelcome to the Canteen1971Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
TrafficJohn Barleycorn Must Die1970Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
TrafficLast Exit1969Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
TrafficSelf-titled1968Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Tragically Hip, TheMan Machine Poem2016CD0NoEdit / Delete
Tragically Hip, TheFully Completely (Deluxe Edition)2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Tragically Hip, TheNow for Plan A2012CD0NoEdit / Delete
Tragically Hip, TheWorld Container2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Tragically Hip, TheIn Between Evolution2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Tragically Hip, TheIn Violet Light2002CD0NoEdit / Delete
Tragically Hip, TheMusic @ Work2000CD0NoEdit / Delete
Tragically Hip, ThePhantom Power1998CD0NoEdit / Delete
Tragically Hip, TheLive Between Us1997CD0NoEdit / Delete
Tragically Hip, TheTrouble at the Henhouse1996CD0NoEdit / Delete
Tragically Hip, TheDay for Night1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
Tragically Hip, TheFully Completely1992CD0NoEdit / Delete
Tragically Hip, TheRoad Apples1991CD0NoEdit / Delete
Tragically Hip, TheUp To Here1989CD0NoEdit / Delete
Tragically Hip, TheSelf Titled1987CD0NoEdit / Delete
Trampled By TurtlesLife Is Good On The Open Road2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Trampled By TurtlesWild Animals2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Travel by SeaDays of My Escape2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Travel by SeaShadows Rise2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Traveling WilburysThe Traveling Wilburys Collection2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Traveling WilburysTraveling Wilburys, Vol. 11988CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
TreesTrees (50th Anniversary Edition)2020Vinyl105NoEdit / Delete
Trigger HippyFull Circle & Then Some2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Trigger HippySelf Titled2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Trombone ShortyParking Lot Symphony2017Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Trower, RobinNo More Worlds To Conquer2022Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
Trower, RobinTime And Emotion2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Trower, RobinTake What You Need1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Trower, RobinBridge of Sighs1974Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Trucks Band, DerekAlready Free2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
True BelieversTrue Believers1986Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Tubes, TheThe Completion Backward Principle1981Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
TunsSelf Titled2016CD0YesEdit / Delete
Tunstall, KTEye to the Telescope2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Turner, FrankBe More Kind2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Turner, FrankTen For Ten2016CD0NoEdit / Delete
Turner, FrankTape Deck Heart2013CD0NoEdit / Delete
Tuttle, DougIt Calls On Me2016Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Tweedy, JeffLove Is The King (Silver vinyl))2020Vinyl70NoEdit / Delete
Tweedy, JeffWarm and Warmer (Deluxe two album gatefold edition)2019Vinyl120NoEdit / Delete
Tweedy, JeffWarm2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
U2Songs Of Experience2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
U2The Joshua Tree - 30th Anniversary Edition2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
U2All That You Can't Leave Behind2000CD0NoEdit / Delete
U2Achtung Baby1991CD0NoEdit / Delete
U2Rattle and Hum1988CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
U2The Joshua Tree (ticket)1987CD0NoEdit / Delete
U2The Unforgettable Fire1984CD0NoEdit / Delete
Uncle TupeloAnodyne1993CD0NoEdit / Delete
Uncle TupeloMarch 16-20, 19921992CD0NoEdit / Delete
Uncle TupeloStill Feel Gone1991CD0NoEdit / Delete
Uncle TupeloNo Depression1990CD0NoEdit / Delete
Ungerleider, SuzieMy Name is Suzie Ungerleider2021Vinyl0YesEdit / Delete
Van HalenOU8121988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Van HalenFair Warning1981Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Van Zandt, TownesDelta Momma Blues1971Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Van Zandt, TownesSelf Titled1969CD0NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsAlligator Records: 50 Years of Genuine Houserockin' Music2021Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsOnce Upon A Time In The West Midlands: The Bostin’ Sounds Of Brumrock 1966-19742021CD40NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsIf You'Re Going To The City: A Tribute To Mose Allison2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsMojo Presents Island Radicals2019CD0NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsNew West Records 20th Anniversary Box Set2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsStrange Angels: In Flight With Elmore James2018Vinyl40NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsAn American Troubadour: The Songs Of Steve Forbert2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsBaby Driver: Music From The Motion Picture2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsGod Don't Never Change: The Songs of Blind Willie Johnson2016Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsAn Americana Christmas2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsA Very Special Christmas2013CD0NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsWeary Engine Blues: A Tribute To Jason Molina2013CD0NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsGarth Hudson Presents a Canadian Celebration of The Band2010CD0NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsMan Of Somebody's Dreams, A Tribute To Chris Gaffney2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsSin City Social Club Vol. 92007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsA Case For Case: A Tribute To The Songs Of Peter Case2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsSweetheart 2005: Love Songs2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsThis Bird Has Flown: A 40th Anniversary Tribute to the Beatles' Rubber Soul2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsEnjoy Every Sandwich: The Songs of Warren Zevon2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsA Tribute To John Lennon2002CD0NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsAmerica: A Tribute to Heroes2001CD0NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsGood Rockin' Tonight - The Legacy Of Sun Records2001CD0NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsVanilla Sky Soundtrack2001CD0NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsSteal This Movie2000CD0NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsMore From Burt Bacharach Songbook1998CD0NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsBuena Vista Social Club1997Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsA Tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan1996CD0NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsEmpire Records Soundtrack1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsTulare Dust: A Songwriters' Tribute to Merle Haggard1994CD40NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsReservoir Dogs Soundtrack1992CD0NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsRush Soundtrack1991CD0NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsZappa's Universe1991CD0NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsThe Secret Policeman's Third Ball: The Music1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsHeavy Metal1981Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Various ArtistsJesus Christ Superstar1970Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Vaughan BrothersFamily Style1990CD0NoEdit / Delete
Vaughan, JimmieBaby, Please Come Home2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Vaughan, Stevie RayTexas Flood1983CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Vaughan, Stevie Ray and Double TroubleIn Step1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Vega, Suzanne99.9 F°1992CD0NoEdit / Delete
Vega, SuzanneSuzanne Vega1985Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Velvet Underground, TheVU1985Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Velvet Underground, TheAndy Warhol's Velvet Underground Featuring Nico1971Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Velvet Underground, TheLoaded1970Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Velvet Underground, TheThe Velvet Underground & Nico1967Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
VillagersDarling Arithmetic2015CD0NoEdit / Delete
Wainwright, Loudon IIII'd Rather Lead a Band2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Wainwright, Loudon IIIYears in the Making2018CD0NoEdit / Delete
Wainwright, Loudon IIIHaven't Got the Blues (Yet)2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Wainwright, Loudon IIIRecovery2008CD0YesEdit / Delete
Wainwright, Loudon IIIHere Come the Choppers2005CD0YesEdit / Delete
Wainwright, Loudon IIITherapy1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Wainwright, Loudon IIIUnrequited1975Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Wainwright, Loudon IIIAttempted Mustache1973Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Wainwright, Loudon IIIAlbum III1972Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Wainwright, Loudon IIIAlbum II1971Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Wainwright, MarthaLove Will Be Reborn2021Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Wainwright, RufusWant One2003CD0NoEdit / Delete
Waitresses, TheWasn't Tomorrow Wonderful?1982Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Waits, TomBastards2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Waits, TomBawlers2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Waits, TomBrawlers2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Waits, TomOrphans2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Waits, TomReal Gone2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Waits, TomMule Variations1999CD0NoEdit / Delete
Waits, TomRain Dogs1985CD0NoEdit / Delete
Waits, TomSwordfishtrombones1983CD0NoEdit / Delete
Waits, TomSmall Change1976Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Waits, TomClosing Time1973Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Walker, Joshua RaySee You Next Time2021Vinyl40NoEdit / Delete
Walker, RyleyCourse in Fable2021Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Walker, RyleyGolden Sings That Have Been Sung - Deep Cuts Edition2016CD0YesEdit / Delete
Wall, ColterSelf Titled2017CD0YesEdit / Delete
Wallflowers, TheExit Wounds2021Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Wallflowers, TheRebel, Sweetheart2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Wallflowers, TheBringing Down The Horse1996CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Wallflowers, TheSelf Titled1992CD0NoEdit / Delete
Walsh, JoeGot Any Gum?1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Walsh, JoeThere Goes the Neighborhood1981Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Walsh, JoeBut Seriously, Folks...1978Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Walsh, JoeThe Best Of1978Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Walsh, JoeYou Can't Argue with a Sick Mind1976Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Ward, Lauren RuthVol. II2020Vinyl0YesEdit / Delete
Ward, Lauren RuthWell, Hell2020Vinyl0YesEdit / Delete
Wassernan, RobTrios1994CD0NoEdit / Delete
Waterboys, TheGood Luck, Seeker2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Waterboys, TheBreach2000CD0NoEdit / Delete
Waterboys, TheFisherman's Blues1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Waterboys, TheThis Is The Sea1985Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Watermelon Slim and the WorkersNo Paid Holidays2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Waters, MuddyThe Chess Box (boxed set)1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Waters, RogerThe Dark Side of the Moon Redux2023CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Waters, RogerThe Lockdown Sessions2022CD/Vinyl20/40No/NoEdit / Delete
Waters, RogerIs This The Life We Really Want?2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Waters, RogerAmused To Death (CD+Blu-ray edition)2015CD0NoEdit / Delete
Waters, RogerAmused To Death1992CD0NoEdit / Delete
Waters, RogerRadio K.A.O.S.1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Waters, RogerThe Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking1984Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
WaxahatcheeTigers Blood (Deluxe double vinyl)2024Vinyl90NoEdit / Delete
Weaver, BenThe Ax in the Oak2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Welch, BobSelf-Titled1981Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Welch, BobMan Overboard1980Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Welch, BobThe Other One1979Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Welch, BobFrench Kiss1977Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Welch, GillianThe Harrow & The Harvest2011CD0NoEdit / Delete
Welch, GillianSoul Journey2003CD0NoEdit / Delete
Welch, GillianTime (The Revelator)2001CD0NoEdit / Delete
Weller, PaulStudio 1502004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Wennerstrom, ErikaSweet Unknown2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Westerberg, PaulOpen Season 2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Westerberg, PaulBesterberg: The Best Of Paul Westerberg2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Westerberg, PaulFolker2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Westerberg, PaulCome Feel Me Tremble2003CD0NoEdit / Delete
Westerberg, PaulStereo2002CD0NoEdit / Delete
WhiskeytownPneumonia2001CD0NoEdit / Delete
WhiskeytownStrangers Almanac1997CD0NoEdit / Delete
WhiskeytownFaithless Street1996CD0NoEdit / Delete
White Buffalo, TheShadows, Greys & Evil Ways2013CD0NoEdit / Delete
White, BellaAmong Other Things2023Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
White, BellaJust Like Leaving2020Vinyl40NoEdit / Delete
White, DeeSouthern Gentleman2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
White, JimMisfit's Jubilee2020CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
White, JimTransnormal Skiperoo2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
White, JimWrong-Eyed Jesus!1997CD0NoEdit / Delete
White, Tony JoeThe Beginning2001Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
WhitehorseI'm Not Crying, You're Crying2023Vinyl50NoEdit / Delete
WhitehorseModern Love2021Vinyl40NoEdit / Delete
WhitehorseStrike Me Down2021Vinyl45NoEdit / Delete
Whitley, ChrisSoft Dangerous Shores2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Whitley, ChrisWar Crime Blues2004CD0YesEdit / Delete
Whitley, ChrisRocket House2001CD0YesEdit / Delete
Whitley, ChrisDirt Floor1998CD0YesEdit / Delete
Whitley, ChrisTerra Incognita1997CD0YesEdit / Delete
Whitley, ChrisDin of Ecstasy1995CD0YesEdit / Delete
Whitley, ChrisLiving With The Law1991CD/Vinyl0/0Yes/NoEdit / Delete
Whitmore, William ElliottSilently, The Mind Breaks2024Vinyl40NoEdit / Delete
Whitmore, William ElliottI'm With You2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Whitmore, William ElliottKilonova2018CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Whitmore, William ElliottField Songs2011CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Whitmore, William ElliottAnimals in the Dark2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
Whitmore, William ElliottAshes To Dust2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Whitmore, William ElliottHymns For The Hopeless2003CD0NoEdit / Delete
Who, TheThe Who Sell Out (Deluxe Edition)2021Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Who, TheThe Who Sell Out (Super Deluxe Edition)2021CD0NoEdit / Delete
Who, TheFace Dances1981Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Who, TheMcVicar1980Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Who, TheThe Who by Numbers1975Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Who, TheQuadrophenia1973Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Who, TheWho's Next1971Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Who, TheTommy1969Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
WilcoCousin (Floral Ice Vinyl)2023CD/Vinyl25/0No/NoEdit / Delete
WilcoCruel Country (2LP)2022Vinyl88NoEdit / Delete
WilcoSummerteeth (Deluxe Edition)2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
WilcoSchmilco2016CD0NoEdit / Delete
WilcoThe Whole Love2011CD0NoEdit / Delete
WilcoWilco (The Album)2009CD0NoEdit / Delete
WilcoSky Blue Sky2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
WilcoSky Blue Sky (Limited Edition Sky Blue vinyl)2007Vinyl60NoEdit / Delete
WilcoKicking Television: Live in Chicago2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
WilcoA Ghost Is Born2004CD0YesEdit / Delete
WilcoYankee Hotel Foxtrot2002CD0NoEdit / Delete
WilcoSummerteeth1999CD0YesEdit / Delete
WilcoBeing There1996CD0YesEdit / Delete
WilcoA.M.1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
Wilcox, DavidThe Natural Edge1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Wilcox, DavidBreakfast at the Circus1987CD0NoEdit / Delete
Wilderness of Manitoba, TheWhen You Left the Fire2011CD0NoEdit / Delete
Willard Grant ConspiracyMojave1999CD0NoEdit / Delete
Willard Grant ConspiracyFlying Low1998CD0NoEdit / Delete
Willard Grant Conspiracy3 A.M. Sunday @ Fortune Otto's1996CD0NoEdit / Delete
Williams, DarEnd of the Summer1997CD0NoEdit / Delete
Williams, Hank IIIDamn Right, Rebel Proud2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Williams, Hank IIIStraight To Hell - collective vinyl2006CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Williams, Hank IIILovesick, Broke & Driftin'2002CD0NoEdit / Delete
Williams, HollyThe Highway2013CD0YesEdit / Delete
Williams, LucindaStories From a Rock N Roll Heart2023Vinyl40NoEdit / Delete
Williams, LucindaGood Souls Better Angels2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Williams, LucindaDown Where the Spirit Meets the Bone2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Williams, LucindaLive @ The Fillmore2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Williams, LucindaWorld Without Tears2003CD0NoEdit / Delete
Williams, LucindaEssence2001CD0NoEdit / Delete
Williams, LucindaCar Wheels on a Gravel Road (Yellow Vinyl LP))1998CD/Vinyl0/80Yes/NoEdit / Delete
Williams, LucindaSelf Titled1988CD0YesEdit / Delete
Willie and The Poor BoysTear It Up: Live1994CD0NoEdit / Delete
Willis, KellyBack Being Blue2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Willis, KellyTranslated from Love2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Willis, KellyEasy2002CD0NoEdit / Delete
Wilson, JonathanEat The Worm2023CD/Vinyl25/60No/NoEdit / Delete
Wilson, JonathanDixie Blur2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Wilson, JonathanRare Birds2018CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Wilson, JonathanFanfare2013CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Wilson, JonathanGentle Spirit2011Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Wilson, TomDog Years2006CD0YesEdit / Delete
Wilson, Tom / Bob LanoisThe Shack Recordings, Volume One2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Winslow-King, LukeIf These Walls Could Talk2022CD/Vinyl50/65Yes/YesEdit / Delete
Winslow-King, LukeBlue Mesa2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Winslow-King, LukeI'm Glad Trouble Don't Last Always2016CD0NoEdit / Delete
Winslow-King, LukeEverlasting Arms2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Winslow-King, LukeThe Tide Is Coming2013CD0NoEdit / Delete
Winter, EdgarBrother Johnny2022Vinyl80NoEdit / Delete
Winter, EdgarThe Edgar Winter Collection1986Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Winwood, SteveNine Lives2008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Winwood, SteveRefugees of the Heart1990CD0NoEdit / Delete
Winwood, SteveRoll with It1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Winwood, SteveChronicles1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Winwood, SteveBack in the High Life1986Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Winwood, SteveTalking Back to the Night1982Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Winwood, SteveArc of a Diver1980Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Winwood, SteveSteve Winwood1977Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Wolf, PeterA Cure For Loneliness2016Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Wolf, PeterMidnight Souvenirs2010CD0NoEdit / Delete
Wolf, PeterSleepless2002CD0NoEdit / Delete
Women Sing WaitsCome On Up To The House2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Wood, RonSlide on Live: Plugged in and Standing1994CD0NoEdit / Delete
Wright, GaryThe Dream Weaver1975Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Wynn, Steve & The Miracle 3...Tick...Tick...Tick2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
XAlphabetland2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
XTCBlack Sea1980Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
YesThe Ladder1999CD0NoEdit / Delete
YesTalk1994CD0NoEdit / Delete
YesBig Generator1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Yes9012 Live: The Solos1985CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Yes901251983CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
YesClassic Yes1981Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
YesYessongs1973Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
YesClose to the Edge1972Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
YesFragile1972CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
YesThe Yes Album1971Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Yorn, PeteArranging Time2016CD0NoEdit / Delete
Yorn, PeteLive from New Jersey2004CD0NoEdit / Delete
Yorn, PeteDay I Forgot2003CD0NoEdit / Delete
Yorn, Petemusicforthemorningafter2001CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Young, NeilHomegrown2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Young, NeilSongs for Judy2018Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Young, NeilEarth2016CD0NoEdit / Delete
Young, NeilStorytone2014CD0NoEdit / Delete
Young, NeilA Treasure2011CD0NoEdit / Delete
Young, NeilLe Noise2010CD0NoEdit / Delete
Young, NeilSugar Mountain: Live at Canterbury House 19682008CD0NoEdit / Delete
Young, NeilChrome Dreams II2007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Young, NeilLive at Massey Hall 19712007CD0NoEdit / Delete
Young, NeilLiving With War2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Young, NeilPrairie Wind2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Young, NeilGreendale (CD + Live at Vicar St. DVD)2003CD40NoEdit / Delete
Young, NeilSilver & Gold2000CD0NoEdit / Delete
Young, NeilMirror Ball1995CD0NoEdit / Delete
Young, NeilHarvest Moon (Clear Vinyl)1992CD/Vinyl0/75No/NoEdit / Delete
Young, NeilFreedom1989Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Young, NeilThis Note's For You1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Young, NeilComes a Time1978CD0NoEdit / Delete
Young, NeilOn the Beach1974CD0NoEdit / Delete
Young, NeilTime Fades Away1973Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Young, NeilHarvest (2)1972CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Young, NeilAfter the Gold Rush (2)1970Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Young, Neil & Crazy HorseToast2022Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Young, Neil & Crazy HorseWorld Record (2LP Color Exclusive))2022Vinyl60NoEdit / Delete
Young, Neil & Crazy HorseReturn To Greendale (Box Set)2020Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Young, Neil & Crazy HorseColorado2019Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Young, Neil & Crazy HorseLive at the Fillmore East2006CD0NoEdit / Delete
Young, Neil & Crazy HorseLive at Messhalle, Erfurt, Germany, July 7, 20012001CD0NoEdit / Delete
Young, Neil & Crazy HorseRagged Glory1990CD0NoEdit / Delete
Young, Neil & Crazy HorseLife1987Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Young, Neil & Crazy HorseLive Rust1979Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Young, Neil & Crazy HorseZuma1975CD/Vinyl0/0No/NoEdit / Delete
Young, Neil & Crazy HorseEverybody Knows This Is Nowhere1969CD0NoEdit / Delete
Young, Neil & The Blue NotesThis Notes For You1988Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Young, Neil + Promise of the RealNoise and Flowers (2 LPs + CD and Blu-Ray)2022Vinyl100NoEdit / Delete
Young, Neil + Promise of the RealThe Visitor2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Younger, MikeEvery Stone You Throw2005CD0NoEdit / Delete
Younger, MikeSomethin' in the Air1999CD0NoEdit / Delete
YusufThe Laughing Apple2017CD0NoEdit / Delete
Zappa, FrankJoe's Garage Acts 1, 2 & 31979Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Zappa, Frank & The Mothers Of InventionFreak Out1966Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
Zubot and DawsonChicken Scratch2002CD0NoEdit / Delete
ZZ TopLa Futura2012CD0NoEdit / Delete
ZZ TopEliminator1983Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
ZZ TopFandango!1975Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete
ZZ TopRio Grande Mud1972Vinyl0NoEdit / Delete